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  1. great review, glad you're enjoying it
  2. Skrt

    Pay With Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Payments - To pay with bitcoin contact me, @Skrt#0001 on discord.. DMS are open. - There is an upcharge for purchasing with bitcoin, upcharge varies depending on subscription.
  3. If you're going to leave a review, please write more. Thanks!
  4. Skrt

    Review of V2

    Set your toggle key for the legit anti aim and you will be able to turn it off
  5. Skrt

    V2 Review

    Use the search option in settings, type in what you're looking for and it will bring you to the page its on and highlight it.
  6. Skrt

    V2 Release

    Menu: Newly Designed Menu (Designed by @ILoveMyself) Added a Background Tint when the UI is open Added a New Integer Input Control for Stattrak and Seed Options in the Skin Changer Added a Sleek Window Underglow and Backdrop Setting Added Font Drop Shadow Toggle Added Font Size Adjustment Adjust Scrolling with Mouse Wheel Config Browser Drop Down Sliding Animation Dropdown/Color Selector Underglow Animation ESP Rendering is More Crisp Fixed an Issue with Force Default Crosshair when Spectating Fixed Issues with Stream Proofing Fixed Window Location in Config Font Changer now Changes all Fonts History of Chatbox is Loaded when you Inject Improved Menu Search Functionality Improved Scrolling Done via the Scroll Wheel Improved the Functionality and Animations of the Scroll Bars Menu Resizing Modernized all UI Renderings such as Chatbox, Console, Playerlist, Spectator List, Info Bar, and Side Info Scroll Bar Expand when Hovered Split Removals Dropdown into Multiple Sections (No Visual Recoil and Removals Dropdown in Viewmodel, No Scope in Local Crosshairs, and Multiple Checkboxes/Dropdowns in World) UI toggle key Updated Modernized Notification System Visuals: Added Audible Visualize on Radar Check Added LSD Cham Option Added Wireframe Smoke Option Added Box Corner Length Added Health Option Bar Normal/Sliced Added Triggers for Draw Fakelag (In Air, On Floor) Added Shot Helper Dlight Location Added Viewmodel Location/Angle Adjustments Added Visualize Aimpoints Added Zoom Key Adjusted Cham Materials ESP Preview Fixed Some Renderings not Doing Rainbow Properly Fixed a Flickering Issue with Backtrack Chams Grenade Helper Now Shows HE/Smoke Radius Made Some Pixel Adjustments to ESP Settings to Perfect the Alignment Materials for Draw Fake/Draw Fakelag Menu Fade Speed Removed Glow Chams Improved Accuracy of the Shot Helper Guidance Line Legit Bot: Added a Disable at Local Velocity Check Added a Time Until Lock Option Added Aimbot Toggle After Attack Time Added Anti Trigger Key Added Auto Pistol Delay Added Hitbox Priority Selection Added Legit AA Max Ping Added Local In Air Disable Check Added Local Unscoped Disable Check Added Max Velocity for Aimbot/Trigger Added New Smoothness Types: Static/Accelerating/Decelerating Added RCS Spray Requirement Added Scan Edges to Allow for Shooting the Edges of Hitboxes Rather than Just the Center Added Smoothness Randomization Aimbot Optimization Updated the Way Smoothness is Applied Making Lower Values More Effective Ragebot: Added Fakelag Method Selection Added History tick Hitbox Added Ignore Limbs Speed Added Max Players Per Tick Option Added Multipoint Hitbox Selection Added Pointscale Head/Body Selection Added Targeting Option for Ragebot
  7. Thanks for the review! You're gonna love V2, releasing soon 😄
  8. Skrt


    Thanks for the review! You were most likely banned because during that time we were receiving a lot of feedback on crashing while we were getting it fixed. Now, we don't receive any crash reports! I did instruct my staff to ban anyone who complains WITHOUT making a ticket first due to the feedback. I did this after making an announcement in news and adding a new rule; anyone who didn't read the rules or didn't check news most likely also got banned. If you want, provide your discord and i'll unban you from the server, thanks!
  9. Skrt


    Good to hear, enjoy.
  10. Thanks, looking into improving fps issues after that holidays. (Most users don't have that problem) 😄
  11. Thank for the review, Happy Holidays!
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