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  1. great review, glad you're enjoying it
  2. Hey Clyde, I gave you a 5 day subscription of our paid version. I hate to say that the Lite version will not be back any time soon but we will let you know if anything changes.
  3. Skrt

    bad passowrd

    You can reset your password or contact us on discord for more help
  4. Skrt

    Pay With Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Payments - To pay with bitcoin contact me, @Skrt#0001 on discord.. DMS are open. - There is an upcharge for purchasing with bitcoin, upcharge varies depending on subscription.
  5. You can add the skin and it will show it in your inventory and in game. You wouldn't be able to put the skin up on the market and collect money from it. Once you save the configuration with the skins you choose, every time you load it in game the skins will show 😄
  6. If you're going to leave a review, please write more. Thanks!
  7. Skrt


    Correct I only take Paypal and Bitcoin ^ For Bitcoin you would have to dm me on Discord.
  8. Once purchasing the software, you click download loader - log in through the loader - open steam then csgo - then click "ins" on your keyboard. To answer your question, yes you get it instantly Zapped has been out to close to a year with no detection, one of the cheats without detection. Personally, I wouldn't use any cheats on my main account but that's your decision. Most people agree, they wouldn't use any cheat on their main. For how the system works i'm not exactly sure but Ineffable knows, unfortunately he is sleeping. Hope I provided enough information.
  9. Skrt

    Review of V2

    Set your toggle key for the legit anti aim and you will be able to turn it off
  10. Skrt

    V2 Review

    Use the search option in settings, type in what you're looking for and it will bring you to the page its on and highlight it.
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