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  4. walleX

    Review 1 week

    Thats my opinion : Rage 7/10 Not bad but need a good doubletap and a update on the resolver to fix some bugs Legit 10/10 Pretty good and simple Visuals 20/10 So goooooood and a lot of customization Misc 10/10 A lot of things Menu 6/10 A bit difficult for new users but nice
  5. cloud

    Zapped Review

    You are very welcome 🙂
  6. Velema

    V3 Review

    The review: The cheat it self hasn't changed that much, the menu is re-designed (It works better but visually it seems more like a downgrade) and the ragebot is reworked (pretty good, still missing the double tap feature) I would still have liked to see some more improvements to the cheat, and a fully customizable legitbot instead of the weapon groups. But overall its a great cheat! Video:
  7. my first time buying cheats, its actually insane legit and hvh is really good!
  8. I have had v3 from the day it came out, and i must say, they have really stepped up their game. Menu - 7/10, personally i don't like the font, but i love the drop down menu's. Legit bot - 10/10, it is a really good legit bot, i am glad that you guys made it more simple and easy to configure. Rage Bot - 5/10, Zapped isn't a HVH cheat, but it could still tap some people with scout etc, but it needs to have Double Tap, and maybe a better resolver. But it is not bad for a legit cheat. Visuals - 10/10, i really love the visuals, because there is so many different options ( I LOVE THE SPIN ART! ) Misc - 8/10, the misc is pretty straight forward because you can't really have a bad misc section, but i would like to see a quicker auto strafer and also the ability to add a custom clan tag, and not only " v3". Overall Rating - 8/10, because zapped is such a good legit cheat, and it isn't meant for HVH, it really gets a high score in my charts, well done for stepping up your game!!!
  9. Hows It Going Everyone, Today Ill Give My Thoughts On Zapped V3 (This Is All My Thoughts And What I Think Of This Product So Take With A Grain Of Salt) Legit 9/10 The Legit Bot In My Opinion Is A Quality, Its Smooth And Easy to Setup, The Legit AA Has Had A Massive Improvement And Is Now Really Good. One Think That Dose Put The Legit Bot Down A Point Is That Theres No Individual Weapon Section Which We Really Need In the Future! But Otherwise Awesome Job Rage 6/10 Soooo.. My Experience With The Rage Bot Has Been Pretty Good, But Its Not Perfect, Obviously This Is Not A Rage Cheat, And This Section Dosent Set Zapped Apart From Another Cheat, But Im Basing This Section On Some Of The Top Rage Cheats So Dont Feel To Bad. Visuals 10/10 The Visuals Are So Fucken Clean Not Gonna Lie, There Are So Many Options Within the Visuals Section And You Can Customise Them To Anyway You Like. Since This Section Is So Big Im Just Gonna Say That The Visuals Are Probably Some Of The Best. Skins 8/10 The Inv Changer Is Good But Its A Bit Clunky And Dosent Have Medals Or Music Packs, It Also Glitchs From Time to Time Which Is really Annoying, But I Mean Its Only A Inv Changer. Misc 8/10 The Misc Features Are Really Good And Theres Pretty Much Everything You Need, The Movement Side Is OKAY As It Would Be Better If The Was LJ And JB But Over All Awesome, The Movement Recorder Is A Really Cool Feature Which I Was Really Happy To See When V3 Launched, Its Pretty Clean And Dosent Really Stuff Up Much. The Grenade Helper Is Decent But Could Be Better, We Need Smoothing For The Aim Assist And We Need the Nade Helper To Be Recordings, So You Can Select Whether Its A Jump Throw Or A Run Throw Or A Run And Jump Throw Or If Its A Static Throw/Just A Standing Throw, Ive Used A Cheat that Has This Already Developed And In the Client So I Would think Its Not To Hard To Implant Into Zapped, But Yeah We Really Need That For The Nade Helper, Also The Nade Helper Should Have Separate Configs. Thats Mainly It, You Have Got The Settings Tab And The Home Tab But There Basic And Straight forward Although I Would Like To Say That Them Giving Us The Option To Change Font Is Really COOL. But Anyways Thats My Review And In My Opinion Zapped Is Making A Come Back And IS Redeeming Them Self's For What Happened In The Past. SHOULD YOU BUY ZAPPED 100%
  10. Started using Zapped on V2. Legit was insane but rage was lacking. With V3 the improvements make legit better and rage insane. Didn't think there would be a day where I would body gamesesne and aimware. React with tada to enter! Time remaining: 5 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes, 4 seconds Hosted by: @-_-
  11. Visuals make me cum
  12. Kaito

    Zapped Review

    Hi I've recently started using this software some more as v3 has released and I can say I am very surprised at how well Ineffable has optimized V3 and brought a wayyyy better ragebot. Here's my review and why i think you should buy this cheat. Legit: 8/10 This legit bot would have been 10/10 if there weren't some issues with smoothing ( on accelerating ). However moving past that it has to be the most customizable and easy to set up legit bot I have used. That being said I find it super useful that new cheaters could use this and set it up by them selves easily. So I rate this an 8/10. Rage: 7/10 Rage compared to V2s is insanely improved and I am super happy with where the cheat sits with it at this moment. Other than some bugs with it which I'm sure Ineffable will fix, This is not a terrible option and I assume when double tap is added it'll be an even better experience. Visuals: 10/10 Visuals are some of the best I have ever seen for a cheat. They're extremely customizable from colors to the positions of the flags for armor etc. , The amount of cham materials he has added is beyond any other cheat I've seen and overall I am super happy with these. 10/10 Inventory Changer: 8/10 Skin Changer is now an inventory changer which is super nice to have as an inventory changer is better IMO, This feature works really well besides a bug I've had (not being able to select say a Karam for T side and M9 For CT these options when selected work but do not save to cfg) other than this bug works as intended and works very well. Misc: 9/10 The misc tab is super full with good features for movement and gameplay you have everything from basic autoaccept to a movement recorder and grenade helper. The movement recorder works super well almost all the time it's also very smooth and not choppy. The grenade helper I cant say much on as I haven't used it at all. Overall: 9/10 Overall I give the cheat a 9/10 from its simplistic but customizable visuals all the way to the really nice rage bot. I believe you should buy this cheat as its been extremely nice to use for me. I haven't had any problems but a few crashes, triggerbot missing, and the ones i stated above but besides those I've been extremely happy with this cheat thanks for reading my review. BTW thanks @cloud for the template XD
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  14. best review, i totally agree with everything
  15. 10/10 Client easy to use. A whole hell of a lot of options. The Legit Aim is amazing to use. (If you have a good con). Didn't get a chance to use the rage settings yet so I can say much a bout that. Love the visual effects that are on here. Again 10/10 Client would recommend.
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  22. basically , it's good , rage bot is actually not that bad rn so .... yeah
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