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  5. really appreciate it, glad you enjoy your purchase!!
  6. Legit Bot - 9/10 The legit bot is very easy to use and has all the features expected from an legit bot nothing special Visuals - 10/10 + 1 bonus point The amount of options for visuals is just crazy, it has visuals from skeet Onetap. Glow looks very cool. I love the fact you can preview what your visuals are going to look like from the menu. I wasnt able to make it so non chams visuals would only show when seen and occluded but dosnt matter. Skin Changer - 9.5/10 Very simple to use skin changer/ inventory changer. Adding stickers is very simple and clean as you can preview the stickers without even applying them to your weapon. Only thing I dislike is there is no changer to add cases/music like spirithack henceforth the -0.5point. Lua - 9/10 Lua is very simple however most scripts when browsing are either broken or useless, I believe their should be some moderation when posting luas. The lua community is semi-active with some very nice people to help . Rage Bot - 2/10 The rage bot is terrible, the cheat would spam fakes or just not shoot. (I used ineffable Config) THIS IS AN LEGIT CHEAT THE RAGEBOT ISNT TO BE EXPECTED. Stream Proof - 10/10 It works! Community - 9.5/10 Support is Fast, Faster then most cheats ex(Aimware, OneTap, Skeet). Community Discord is not the most active but overall the community is nice and chill. I have not run into fake discord nitro bots in their discord so moderation is good. R/csgohacks is very toxic against this cheat, but i found they where too mad an cheat with an bad past can instead of exit scamming they can improve. Menu - 10/10 The menu is very clean and nicely formated, the search bar just tells you the page the item your searching for is on. The menu is very well optimized. Conclusion - 9.5/10 This cheat has improved alot since its past, i was hesitant buying the cheat as for controversy in its past but im happy i have the purchase. The loader is very clean and simple, the cheat is simply just an legit cheat and should not be looked as an multi function cheat. For the price i would recommend this cheat to any legit/new cheater.
  7. mods please remove this post, i didnt mean to post this!
  8. ineffable


    10/11/21 Added gui.add_button(name, callback) Added renderer.lock_cursor() Added renderer.unlock_cursor() dropdown_multi:get_value() will Now Return a Table of the Selected Items Fixed Lua Issues after Latest Update Fixed Lua Redefining of ffi.cdef Structs Fixed an Aimbot Targetting Issue Fixed an Issue with Legit Settings of the AWP Live StatTrak now Saves to Config Lua require is Now Relative to C:/zapped/lua/ renderer.text and renderer.text_centered Font Parameter is No Longer Required Success/Error Log Colors will no Longer Hurt your Eyes utils.log Color Parameter is No Longer Required utils.notify Color Parameter is No Longer Required
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  10. Hei , i am a romanian streamer and i want to promote your cheat . This is my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMr8PDly9TPN6AudG7q_x6w And this is my discord : b.g.d#7298. <3
  11. I LOVED VERY cuz i hit skeet, and this cheat has very potential ok?, thanks for download link and buy button i dont regreet <33 i love this admin oK??? <333333 mwah** better than onetap too o!!
  12. He is power abusing, he is very toxic when support and he trashtalks me in discord 😕
  13. great review, glad you're enjoying it
  14. here are my thoughts on this cheat: Rage bot, 8/10 - I used it on some hvh servers and it was decent but in MM i 1v3ed against otc and it was hitting p, better than i expected. Legit bot 10/10 - Still haven't lost a match out of about 15 games and haven't been banned yet. Visuals 10/10 - Very simple and easy to use good customization. Misc 9/10 - Block bot and door spam best features :) Menu 10/10 - Simple and clean + Search bar very useful in case you forget where something is. Loader 9/10 - There's nothing wrong with it very fast and simple, the UI is not as clean as the cheat itself but you wont have the loader open for the whole time anyways Support 10/10 - fast to respond and very helpful. Overall i haven't had a problem with it so far, very clean cheat ;)
  15. Legitbot tab in the triggerbot section there's an autostop checkbox, when you use triggerbot it will autostop you for accuracy. Normal aimbot needs you to stop for accuracy
  16. is there anyway to use autostop on shot for aimbot? or only for triggerbot? very usefull for aiming and accuracy
  17. ineffable


    9/23/21 Added materials.create(string name, bool flat, table params) Added materials.create(string name, string vmt) Added utils.create_interface(module, interface_name) Added utils.notify(text, color) Added utils.pattern_scan(module, pattern) Enabled jit and ffi Libraries Fixed an Issue with Headshot Spark Particles
  18. new updated has messed up zapped we are gonna have to wait a bit the dev was on the forum 18 minuites ago I think there will be an update soon
  19. it just says for me, cannot inject into game process. every time i try to inject
  20. thats sad i rly wanted a free client
  21. Does anyone know when there will be a next discount? Would be interested at the Lifetime version.
  22. you will be okay running zapped alone 😄
  23. is zap safe to use or do i have to use some other software to not get caught ?
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