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  3. So for as short i used it i cant say as much as i could if i used it for a month but for now: LegitBot : 10/10 Realy costumizible and realy smooth. RageBot/HVH preformence: havent used it yet will edit once i did. Visuals : 10/10 realy nice and smooth no FPS drops and a realy nice preview chams are also realy good and realy clean (Cleanst Esp i have ever used). Movement : 8/10 Would like a edgebug, Longjump on edge jump. But i like the recorder And the outostrafe realy much. Config System : 7/10 realy easy to use but sometimes if iam on strech res the confog cloud system thingy does not show up configs. Misc tab: 10/10 so much featurs i dont even know what to do with some. Injection: 10/10 realy easy and fast. Loader/injector: 10/10 no big bugs at all fast smooth and realy nice look. Menu: easy 100/10 so fast and good for new poeple to use.
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  5. ineffable


    2/24/21 Added Flash Indicator Can Now Move when Menu is Open Fixed an Issue with Updating Newly Added Inventory Items Fixed an Issue with Voice Input being Stuck when Opening the Menu Flash Check will now work when using No Flash Minor Stability Fixes Name Changer will no Longer Display (1) Prior to the Player's Name Optimized Movement Recorder Renderings Skybox will Return to the Default Setting when Disabled
  6. you can't use legit anti aim in deathmatch, it will cause a vac authentication error. reboot your pc and it will be better.
  7. no you didn't you got a vac auth error
  8. Each time I inject the cheat and open the game, it will show the Welcome on the top indicating that it worked (I assume) and shortly after that, the game crashes. The Error Message reads "Unable to Inject into the game process.". If there are any fixes, please let me know.
  9. juzioo

    HWID error

    Wassup, so i downloaded Lite and i cant open this cuz i got HWID error. I can't open a ticket in Discord Discord: juzioo#8631
  10. Rux,tabz,boosey etc
  11. Hi guys, I wanna buy zapped lifetime 90$, can I have a discount code? 😄 Thanks
  12. Earlier
  13. how do i open the cheat i press inject and nothing happens what am i supposedd to do
  14. D-2365

    MY SUB

    if you did the 15 dollar option - 1 month 30 - 50 bucks - 6 months lifetime - lifetime 🙂
  15. D-2365

    What do i do now

    you click download loader 🙂
  16. D-2365

    Zapped Lite VAC

    you got a game ban not a vac ban has not been detected since release 🙂
  17. yes you probably will get immediate access. 🙂
  18. D-2365


    you can use on faceit with no AC 🙂
  19. yes i think zapped does have streamproofing features. 🙂
  20. D-2365

    best cheat?

    best cheat right now would be 🙂
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