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  1. No real need for that, i think you know most of the problems. Btw.. Pls put some more love and work to the Ragebot (even tho its a legit cheat)
  2. THIS IS MY BRUTALLY HONEST ZAPPED.CC REVIEW RAGEBOT: 2/10 (sry) I really do not like the ragebot, in my opinion its just awful. Even though the Legit-AA works perfectly fine, the Rage Fake-Angle is basically ur real angle and if u get hit in ur "fake" head, it registeres as a normal headshot. The aimbot also isnt really that good, for example: If you walk with the scout, it will shoot and the autoslow (even if turned off) will still walk in the same direction. The resolver tbh isnt that bad, it just needs a better aimbot to combine with. LEGITBOT: 9/10 I really do like the legitbot tho, you can configure it so you hit a lot more shots but it still looks like ur legit. The customization of it is really good and u have a lot of features that are really usefull. I oonly have 1 thing to complain: Legit-AA turns its directions sometimes randomly and the real angle just looks sideways which in my opinion just look awful. Overall still a great legitbot. VISUALS: 8/10 I really like the visuals, they also have great customization but also some bugs which are still there (for example the enemies show sometimes that they`re behind a wall even tho they arent). Still overall good visuals. MISC: 7/10 I really like much features, but some are just trash or useless (Jumpscout, DoorSpammer,...). And some dont work like expected. SETTINGS: 10/10 I really like the settings tab tho, it has great customizability for the menu which is not smt every cheat has. The config browser is really useful for people that dont know how to config a cheat and its actually the first time ive seen it in a cheat before so great work. The menu itself is simple and i like it. gooyz.
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