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  1. jeti81

    Loader Problem

    then make a ticket in the discord server
  2. jeti81

    Loader Problem

    here, have this
  3. You dont get any roles if you link your discord account as a free user. Try to request a ticket here, but im not sure if you can make a ticket there also. If you cant, just dm ineffable or any mod on the discord server.
  4. this looks like hardcore google translate
  5. jeti81

    v3 review

    Yes, my friend has otv3 and we tested it. It missed at least 5-6 shots after it finally hit me
  6. jeti81

    v3 review

    ot dumps alot if you have the right aa
  7. jeti81

    cheat detected ?

    If you got kicked from a casual, deathmatch or anything like that, you got kicked because you had anti aim on or you had a high fov for your aimbot. Game ban=overwatch ban Overwatch ban=you got reported alot and overwatch ppl reviewed your demo, where they decided that you are cheating or not. VAC ban=when the actual anti cheat bans you. This usually only happens when a cheat is detected. Which is pretty unlikely that you have been banned from the actual anti cheat.
  8. jeti81

    Skin stickers

    So basically you download models from gamebanana or any other sites that has models. Then you drag and drop into csgo folder. I usually use guns so i dont know about other models, so then you select the right gun that you have the model for, and then search for v_modelname in “models” folder. Im not at home rn, but mines are in “weapons”. I dont know if weapons are a default folder... But once you select the model with the correct gun, you just click “add”. If you have any problems like, models are black/not there heres zapped yt chanel where you can find tutorials to fix them.
  9. jeti81

    Skin stickers

    Yes, they are re-enabled with the launch of zapped v3