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  1. Legitbot tab in the triggerbot section there's an autostop checkbox, when you use triggerbot it will autostop you for accuracy. Normal aimbot needs you to stop for accuracy
  2. The free client was removed not long ago.
  3. Hype

    good to see you again 🙂

    old times 3138.

  4. 3138

    new update

    The new Zapped update is now available for everyone who owns a sub
  5. +rep changed my password


  6. 3138


    English please!
  7. 3138

    Grenade Helper

    Should be simple, Type the name of the throw and hit log, afterwards throw the grenade and it should save in the config. Right now grenade helper is stuck to the config you're recording it on.
  8. No, it's not a virus.
  9. Windows 7 to windows 10 will work
  10. 3138

    PSC payment

    Kent only resells for Chinese users.
  11. 3138

    PSC payment

    We only accept PayPal so far.
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