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  1. Nohomo was in my vid u just too gay so u cant see it
  2. @ThePiratePyrostfu https://streamable.com/grxbog my visuals better than ur ur kontol small
  3. kiet


    noway they gib u bate
  4. I just bought life time for zapped though tons of comments toward zapped for being a pasted but i still think zapped is worth to buy and use this is my honest thought about the cheat after 2 mm legit bot: didnt need to say a word 10/10, the legit aa first time i saw it i think wtf this is so wack, but nope its so good and making me laughed hard with those noobs xD rage bot: lul 4/10 since this is a legit cheat i didnt expect must from rage tab but i still tap otc on the enemy team with someone on the forum configs xD thanks to that guy i forgot the name visual:10/10 absolutely perfect tons of choices and modify Skins: 9/10 i crashed for using model changer but in the wrong way xd still cool tho really recommend haha Misc:10/10 i love the fact u can stand on them and became Optimus prime, i'm laughing so hard at midnight for this Overall: 8/10 for a legit cheats with 10$/month? LOL buy it immediately please, i sold my kidney for this(jk) anyway i rlly recommend this cheats xd dont let the haters make u think this cheat is bad, i didnt regret after buying this tho
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