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  1. ineffable


    hey disable antivirus and try again after a reboot
  2. ineffable


    5/10/21 Adjustments to Hitchance Calculations Adjustments to Sway Disabled Scroll Fade when using a Custom Background Fixed an Issue where some Users could not Update Configs Minor Safepoint Adjustments
  3. ineffable


    5/3/21 Added Legit AA Fraction Added Legit AA Sway Key Added Min Damage Override to the Bind List Fixed an Issue with Flickering in the UI Fixed an Issue with Hit Skeletons Fixed an Issue with Zeus Range
  4. Models for CSS will also work
  5. ineffable


    4/29/21 Fixed an Issue with Static Desync Optimizations to Aimbot Targetting
  6. most likely it didn’t properly save, did you see a saved notification? please open a ticket on discord and provide me with the config id
  7. thanks for the review! i’m not going to say expect to own rage cheats that are 2x the price of zapped, but with my config in the config browser you should be able to do OKAY for a legit cheat, especially no worries against people that aren’t raging.
  8. ineffable


    4/22/21 Fixed an Issue with the Loading of Skins Fixed an Issue with Weapon Override Fixed Issues with UI Element Rendering for Some Users Improved the Smoothness of Aimbot and Trigger
  9. glad you like zapped but mind giving more insight on the legitbot/misc/visual issues?
  10. ineffable


    4/19/21 New Modernized UI Reworked Config Browser Stability Improvements Added Allow Swearing Added Chams Preview Added Cloud Configs Shareable via a Code Added Music Kits to the Inventory Changer Added Skin Preview Added Sticker Selection with Preview Adjustments to the Chat Box Combined Block Bot and Player Hover Fixed a Rendering Issue of Props (Noticeable on Maps such as Nuke) Fixed an Issue with Knife Inspection Fixed an Issue with Menu Search Fixed an Issue with Ping Spike Fixed an Issue with Weapon Glow Chams Fixed an Issue with Weapon Sounds Improvements to Movement Recorder Reworked Legit Bot
  11. ineffable

    Easter Sale

    happy easter fellow christians we will be having a 20% off sale starting today, and ending April 11th (1 week from now) code: Hop enjoy gamers
  12. zapped lite, although it’s a free cheat, should remain undetected for quite some time however as with any cheat it’s always possible for detection
  13. ineffable

    Help me

    please make sure your antivirus is disabled
  14. Your antivirus most likely deleted it when it detected it injecting the cheat, you might have to whitelist it in your antivirus