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  1. really appreciate it, glad you enjoy your purchase!!
  2. ineffable


    10/11/21 Added gui.add_button(name, callback) Added renderer.lock_cursor() Added renderer.unlock_cursor() dropdown_multi:get_value() will Now Return a Table of the Selected Items Fixed Lua Issues after Latest Update Fixed Lua Redefining of ffi.cdef Structs Fixed an Aimbot Targetting Issue Fixed an Issue with Legit Settings of the AWP Live StatTrak now Saves to Config Lua require is Now Relative to C:/zapped/lua/ renderer.text and renderer.text_centered Font Parameter is No Longer Required Success/Error Log Colors will no Longer Hurt your Eyes utils.log Color Parameter is No Longer Required utils.notify Color Parameter is No Longer Required
  3. ineffable


    9/23/21 Added materials.create(string name, bool flat, table params) Added materials.create(string name, string vmt) Added utils.create_interface(module, interface_name) Added utils.notify(text, color) Added utils.pattern_scan(module, pattern) Enabled jit and ffi Libraries Fixed an Issue with Headshot Spark Particles
  4. you will be okay running zapped alone 😄
  5. ineffable

    can't buy any

    sorry ab that you should be able to view them now
  6. i see that you have vip, the loader can be downloaded at the top of your screen
  7. you’ve only been charged for 1 subscription of 24 hours. it seems you cancelled a subscription however i will reset your 24 hours.
  8. ineffable


    i would recommend just restarting your computer and seeing if the issue resolved. does not seem like an issue with zapped in particular
  9. ineffable


    8/15/21 Fixed an Issue with Ragdoll Chams Optimizations
  10. code skrt is good for 10% off i believe
  11. hi there was an issue with your invoice so it has been refunded. a new invoice is pending which you can access in your "orders" page
  12. ineffable


    hello have you purchased a subscription?
  13. ineffable


    8/4/21 Added Extras to the Buy Bot Fixed an Issue with Auto Team Selection of the Walk Bot Fixed an Issue with Music Kits in the Inventory Changer Fixed an Issue with Real Skins in the Inventory Changer
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