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  1. ineffable


    4/14/22 Corrected Issues with Anti Aim Placement Fixed Local Flickering when Choking Packets Fixed Weapon Attachments Issues on Weapon Switch Minor Adjustments and Improvements to UI Text Rendering
  2. ineffable


    3/27/22 Free Cheat Released
  3. ineffable

    Free Cheat!

    Our free cheat is now available! The free version of Zapped.cc contains the same UI and layout that you'd receive in our paid version at a much smaller scale. View it here Enjoy 🙂
  4. appreciate you taking the time to leave a review :)
  5. ineffable


    2/27/22 Fixed an Issue with Keybind Activation
  6. ineffable


    2/19/22 Chat Messages can now be Multi Line
  7. ineffable


    2/5/22 Added Player Weapon Icons Improvements for Far ESP Improvements for ESP Preview
  8. ineffable


    1/17/22 Fixes for the Latest Game Update Improvements to Auto Peek
  9. ineffable


    12/10/21 Added No Scope Border for COD Weapons Fixes for the Latest Game Update Improved Walkbot Navigation for Bombsite (Issues Occurred on Some Maps)
  10. ineffable

    New Discord

    Hello! Our new Discord is now open! Join Here
  11. ineffable


    11/8/21 Fixed File Manager Selection when a Folder is within Main Directory Fixed Walkbot Bomb Targetting Fixed an Issue with Desyncing when Holding E Fixed an Issue with Grenade Prediction Jittering Fixed an Issue with Player Sounds for ESP Data Fixed an Issue with Sniper Walkbot Targetting Fixed an Issue with Walkbot Map Join "Too Many Commands" Fixed “random” Crash from control:get_value (Lua)
  12. really appreciate it, glad you enjoy your purchase!!
  13. ineffable


    10/11/21 Added gui.add_button(name, callback) Added renderer.lock_cursor() Added renderer.unlock_cursor() dropdown_multi:get_value() will Now Return a Table of the Selected Items Fixed Lua Issues after Latest Update Fixed Lua Redefining of ffi.cdef Structs Fixed an Aimbot Targetting Issue Fixed an Issue with Legit Settings of the AWP Live StatTrak now Saves to Config Lua require is Now Relative to C:/zapped/lua/ renderer.text and renderer.text_centered Font Parameter is No Longer Required Success/Error Log Colors will no Longer Hurt your Eyes utils.log Color Parameter is No Longer Required utils.notify Color Parameter is No Longer Required
  14. ineffable


    9/23/21 Added materials.create(string name, bool flat, table params) Added materials.create(string name, string vmt) Added utils.create_interface(module, interface_name) Added utils.notify(text, color) Added utils.pattern_scan(module, pattern) Enabled jit and ffi Libraries Fixed an Issue with Headshot Spark Particles
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