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  1. ineffable


    10/16/20 Fixed an Issue with Heavy Pistol FOV Circle Fixed an Issue with Targeting when Holding Down M1 with Legitbot on Semi-Automatic Weapons Fixed Double Clicking in UI Causing Interaction with Game Fixes for the Latest CS Update "missed shot due to bad resolve" now Specifies Intended Hitbox "missed shot due to spread" now Specifies Angle Delta
  2. you can open the lua browser inside the menu and download directly from there
  3. thanks for the review, glad you’re enjoying zapped! one thing i wanted to touch on was that the skin not applying issue is when you equip a skin for a weapon you don’t have equipped. you must first equip the r8, then you can add an r8 skin. this issue will be fixed in future updates.
  4. never recommend cheating on your main, no matter what cheat it is. however currently zapped is safe
  5. ineffable

    How to fix

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    10/1/20 Added Ability to add/sub/mult/div vectors Added cmd.commandnumber Added control:update_lists(variadic_string OR array) Added Default Parameter Fields for Controls (Check Docs) Added entity:get_max_desync() Added entity:get_misses_resolve() Added entity:get_misses_spread() Added entity:is_legit() Added entity:set_resolve(number offset) Added utils.delay_call(fn, delay) Added Wallbang Keybind add_dropdown and add_dropdown_multi Now Accept Tables Adjustments to Safepoint Changed "missed shot due to..." to "resolve" and "spread" engine.trace_ray and engine.trace_ray_hull Mask Now Defaults to mask_shot Fixed a Crash when Improperly Adding a Custom Model Fixed an Issue in the Lua Docs Fixed an Issue when Tabbing Back in to the Game in Fullscreen Mode Fixed an Issue with Display of Selected Stickers Fixed an Issue with entity:get_prop() Fixed an Issue with Legit Bot Override for Ragebot Fixed an Issue with Removal of Inactive Users from Stats Fixed an Issue with Setting UI Variables when the UI is Closed Fixed globalvars.interval_per_tick Fixed Render Order of Various Visuals Increased Lua Upload Limit for Beta Users from 5 to 10 playerresources.get_prop(entity, prop) Can Now Take Either Entity or Entity Index
  7. a vac authentication error is not the same as a vac ban please link your profile
  8. ineffable

    Error inject

    hello reboot your pc and try again please
  9. run cmd as admin and input: bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF
  10. open steam and then cs
  11. ineffable


    9/16/20 Users on the Same Connection can now Play at the Same Time
  12. ineffable


    9/13/20 Adjustments to Some Window Rendering Fixed an Issue with Custom Background Pixel Spacing Minor Resolver Improvements
  13. yes, you receive the same cheat version as non-lifetime users
  14. ineffable


    9/9/20 Adjusted the Spacing if the Config Browser Fixed an Issue with the Config Browser (Future Fixes Coming for Failed Downloads)