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  1. ineffable


    7/1/20 Adjusted "Clown" Chams Material Adjusted Rendering of Bomb Data in the "Cheat Info" Window Aimbot Key will Automatically Default to Mouse 1 Fixed an Issue with Hitchance Inaccuracies Fixed an Issue with Out of FOV Arrows when Spectating Others
  2. ineffable


    ❤️ enjoy v3 and expect many updates
  3. ineffable


    6/29/20 Official Launch of V3! More Info Available in the Release Thread!
  4. ineffable

    V3 Release Info

    V3 brings Many Changes such as an Easier to Use UI, a Stronger Legit Bot, Better Legit Anti Aim, an Inventory Changer, Accurate Animations, and Much More. All Users Now Have Access to V3! Feel Free to Leave a Review in Testimonials when you Get Used to the New Update. Checkout Our Discord for Some Configs to Get you Started! Full Update List: Added Additional Suffixes To Sliders Added Aim Lines Added Animations to the Health Bar Added Bomb Timer Added Bomb/Defuse Events To The Event Logger Added Bounding ESP Box Added Bullet Tracers for Friendlies Added Buy Bot Toggle Key Added Cancel Key Toggle for Movement Recorder Added Corresponding Weapon Check for Skin Selection Added Fake Backwards Added Fake Duck Added Force Safepoint Added Glow Overlay Backtrack Visualization Added Gradient Box ESP Fill Added Inventory Changer Added Jump Stats (Log in Chatbox and Achievement Sound) Added Ping Spike For Ragebot Added Protection Against Accidently Adding a Model to your Inventory (Skybox, Player Model, etc) Added Ragebot Fov Added Ragebot On-Key Added Sliders for Head/Body Scan Edges Added Sticker Changer Added Unlock Inventory Ingame Added Viewmodel Silent Angles to Visualize Angle Snapping Added Visibility Check for Rage Aimbot Adjusted Bloom Adjusted Calculations Used in Jump Stats Adjusted Info Window Adjusted Manual AA Indicators Adjusted Max Intensity of Night Mode Adjusted Night Mode Adjusted Nightmode Strength Adjusted Out of FOV Indicator Settings Adjusted Shot Helper Speed Adjusted Shot Helper Visuals Adjusted Slider for Render Distance of Movement Recorder/Shot Helper Visuals Adjusted Weapon Selections for Legit/Rage Aimbot Adjusted Window Rendering At Target will Target Dormant Players Can Now Adjust Volume of All Hitsounds Color Pickers for Bullet Tracers Now Support Health Based Coloring Dopplers will be Listed by Phase Rather than Skin ID Faded Movement Recorder/Shot Helper Visualization Fixed An Issue With Autowall Fixed An Issue With Ragebot Shooting Invalid Ticks When Players Come Out of Dormancy Fixed An Issue With Ragebot Targeting When Spam Switching Weapons Fixed Application of Arms for the Model Changer Fixed Application of Modulated World/Props when using combos of Night Mode Fixed Chams On Custom Player Models Fixed Event Delay When Ping Spiking Fixed Glove Changer Third Person Fixed History Tick Visualization Selection Fixed Inaccuracies with Triggerbot Fixed Legit AA Toggles Fixed Rarities of Skins in Inventory Changer Fixed Selection of Dopplers Fixed Shiny Player Heads Fixed Slide when Looking Backwards while Playing Back a Movement Recording Fixed Smoke Check With Chams Fixed an Issue with Burst Weapons when Using Anti-Aim Fixed an Issue with Rendering of Location Circles for Movement Recorder/Shot Helper Fixed an Issue with the Loading of Chatbot Messages Grenade Tracer Will Only Render when Throwing the Grenade Improved Accuracy When Ping Spiking Improved Accuracy of Desync Chams Improved Anti Aim Auto Edge Detection Improved Cheats Ability to Compensate for Fake Lag Improved Legit Backtrack Accuracy Improved Multipoint Improved Overall Stability Improved Safe Point Improved Safe Point Hitbox Point Selection Improved Syncing of Animations Improved Zeus/Knife Bot Info Window Is Now More Descriptive For FPS Ping and Velocity Info Window Velocity Max Speed When In No Clip Made Velocity Graph Taller Magnet Trigger will Now Lock onto Backtrack Manual Direction will Undo if No Key is Set for the Current Direction Match Found Beep is Now Silenced when Using Auto Accept Out of FOV Indicators Will Change Colors For Dormant Players Overall Optimization Ragebot will Now Prioritize On Shot Records Relocated the ESP Preview to Render in the UI Removed Friendly Fire Removed Hands from Hitbox Options Removed Ignore Limbs Speed Option from Ragebot Removed Lightning Strike On Hit Removed Playerlist Removed Random Pitch Option for Ragebot Hitbox Removed Slow-Walk on Target Option from Ragebot Removed Wins ESP Flag Reorganized and Designed The UI Layout with a Search Bar on the Top Right Shortened Velocity Graph "History" Step Rings will Render when Dead Various Other Fixes to Bugs World Visuals Now Fade Out With Distance
  5. ineffable

    Preparation of V3

    The Release of V3 is Very Soon... V3 will include various fixes and improvements to the ragebot, an inventory changer, a completely new menu layout, visual updates, various bug fixes, multiple new features, etc. V3 is Currently Available to All Current and Future Lifetime Users as a Beta Build. To Inject Simply Select "Zapped Lifetime" in the Loader and Inject. If you don't have lifetime yet, no worries. V3 will be pushed to the public build very shortly. Sit tight.
  6. Yes we have a feature list in news. View it here
  7. ineffable


    5/12/20 Added Anti Trigger Choke Limit Added Fake Lag Triggers Choke Limit Added Manual AA Indicators (Visuals -> Crosshairs) Bhop will No Longer Fail First Jump when Using a Success Rate Below 100 Body/Head Shot Kill Say Death Say Fixed an Issue with Sorting in the Config Browser Fixed an Issue with Visualized Velocity when Bhopping Updated the Cheat for the Latest CS Update
  8. ineffable

    Custom Models

    select the knife that you would like to change from the skin changer tab, select the knife model using the file manager on the right side of the ui, and then press add on the bottom right of the ui and itll automatically update to your custom model
  9. ineffable


    5/8/20 Added Chandelier, Paint Splatter, and Spin Art Materials for Chams Added Crouch Jump Option for Edge Jump Adjusted the Size and Location of the Velocity Graph Adjusted the UI Grouping Design Added Voice Chat Kill Say (c:/zapped/sounds/) Auto Bhop Success Rate will Now cause Speed Loss rather than Not Jumping at All Changed Word Kill Displays ESP Preview Window can be Dragged Around Fixed an Inaccuracy with Movement Recorder Playback Fixed an Issue with Angles Flicking at Halftime Fixed an Issue with Legit AA Fixed an Issue with Triggerbot Autowall Kill Spam will Use New Event Data such as attackerblind, noscope, penetrated, and thrusmoke for a More Detailed Spam Kit ESP Flag Legit AA Toggles (Disabled/Always/Enemies/Edging) Movement Recorder will End Playback on Respawn sv_pure Bypass Enabled by Default UI Label Changes from Grey to White when Toggled Velocity Graph can now be Set to Health Based Velocity Graph has a Smoother Look Velocity Graph no Longer Takes Jump Speed into Account Velocity Graph now Displays Velocity as a Number Velocity Graph will Now Show Speed/Height Adjustment on Jump/Land
  10. The New CS:GO Update will Kick you if you have Custom Models/Materials in your CS Folders To Workaround this, Navigate to the Misc Tab in the UI -> Convar Bypasses -> and Enable the sv_pure Bypass
  11. great review! open up a ticket containing the minor bugs you’ve experienced and ill take a look!
  12. ineffable


    5/1/20 Added Custom Background Dropdown (Place in c:/zapped/backgrounds/) Added Hide Activity Option to Hide Yourself from Other Zapped Users Added Movement Recorder (Record Jumps/Strafes and Playback with your Key Binds) (Share from c:/zapped/movement_recordings/) Added New Appearance Tab in Settings for UI Related Customization Added Scan Edges for Triggerbot Added Velocity Graph Adjusted Rendering of Auto Peek Circle and Moved it to Misc Adjusted Resolver Fixed a Stability Issue when Spamming Load Config Fixed an Inaccuracy with Grenade Prediction
  13. ineffable


    4/23/20 Added Another Color Option for Grenade ESP (Safe/Dangerous Grenades) Added Aspect Ratio Changer Added a Dropdown to Color Pickers to Choose between Color Picker, Rainbow, and Health Based (Where Applicable) Added a Timer for Molotovs when using Grenade ESP Adjusted Cham Materials Fixed an Issue with Magnet Trigger Fixed an Issue with World ESP Renderings Fixed Minor Inconsistencies with Spacing in the UI Fixed Some Issues with ESP Toggle Key Fixed Some Issues with Ragebot Targetting Force Default Crosshair is Now it’s own Checkbox in Local Player -> Crosshairs Improved Quick Stop Optimized the Home Page Ragdoll Chams Now Inherit Regular Cham Settings when Enabled Removed View Model Chams Dropdown and Added Wireframe Overlay Material Stability Improvements Temporarily Disabled LUA while the API is Rewritten