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  1. i been using this for maybe a few months. and its the easiest to use. it has really varied configs for w.e you're looking for. and you can fine tune each one. met a dude who uses some invite only premium stuff and he commented at how buttery smooth the semi config i was using was. and how legit it looked. Updates i feel are really good. The learning curve is simple. And i feel like no matter what play style i want or feature im looking for, this has it. It really is a treasure trove of like, features to enhance the csgo experience. I've only had one issue where my sub expired, and i renewed. but was getting billed twice each month. I assume it had something to do with my paypal(as usual). I personally am a casual player. i use it mainly for entertainment, no real "goals". But its so full of legit(like cool ass stuff) that i cant even imagine all the uses for it. I feel pretty good sayin that i recommend this for anyone.
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