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  1. So I have been using zapped for a about a month now, and at first I was using the free version and it was good but I wanted more features. So that's when I realized "Damn this shit is only 12 bucks a month?" So I bought it and fell in love with it the customization is crazy good the ESP Preview on the Visuals page sick as fuck. I have not been banned using this cheat yet almost to supreme lol. I have been legit cheating with chams, boxes, and backtrack. And I will say it is fun as hell to use this cheat one of the best UI's and the live chat + config browser is fucking badass. This is a really consumer friendly cheat and its PUBLIC!? In conclusion this cheat is really fun, customizable and just all around a good experience when using If you read this entire thing your a real one mad respect.
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