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  • Can Now Grab Colors using the Color Selector by Right Clicking Anywhere with the Color Selector Open
  • Can Now Paste Colors in RGB/Hex Format by Pressing CTRL + V over it's Display in the Color Picker
  • Improved Color Saving/Loading
  • Fixed Hand/Weapon Chams
  • Fixed Issues with Model Changer
  • Fixed Issues with Shot Helper Shots Loading from Config
  • Modified Cham Materials
  • Optimized the Cheat Overall
  • Shot Logger will only Render Nade throws when Holding a Nade and Vice Versa
  • Slightly Improved Resolver Against Jitter Desync
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  • Adjusted Legit Anti Aim
  • Fixed Scrollbars Sometimes not Reaching the Bottom of the Screen
  • Fixed Shot Logger Not Removing Shots when Pressing the Erase Button
  • Improved Hit Detection in the Ragebot
  • Improved Resolver against Static Desync Backwards
  • Model Changer will Now work on Players you are Spectating
  • Optimized the Model Changer
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  • Added Magnet Trigger
  • Added Volume Sliders for Various Sounds (Ambient Sounds, Chat Message, Revolver Click, and Wind)
  • Adjusted Damage Hitmarker Rendering
  • Adjusted the Way Smoothness is Applied (Test before Playing to Adjust your Config)
  • Changed Word Hitmarker Font and Modified its Movement
  • Fixed a Rare Crash
  • Fixed Fake Lag going too High with Legit AA
  • Fixed Friendlies Appearing to Lag around the Map
  • Improved Desync
  • Improved Freestanding
  • Overall Optimization
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  • Adjusted Desync Slightly
  • Fixed Auto Accept
  • Fixed a Crash that Occured Randomly Ingame when Shooting at Players due to their Bone Cache being Corrupt
  • Fixed a Crash that Occured when Aimbotting due to the Player Hitboxes not Properly Loading
  • Fixed a Crash that Occured when Leaving Match due to a Memory Leak
  • Fixed a Crash with Bomb Timer when a Player is Defusing
  • Fixed a Bug with LUA Window Rendering when Using a Title
  • Fixed an Issue with Lists Scrolling Randomly when Deleting Items
  • Fixed an Issue with Skybox Changer Randomly Flickering
  • Fixed an Issue with the Glove Changer
  • Fixed an Issue with the Model Changer
  • Fixed Console Scrolling
  • Fixed Color Picker Cursor Display in the Rendered Box
  • Fixed Triggerbot Delay
  • Improved Magnet Trigger to Prioritize Bigger Hitboxes when Possible
  • Improved Resolver
  • Optimized Model Changer

Report all Bugs in the Official Bugs Thread

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  • Added Color Options for Health Bar Gradient (Default is Green to Red)
  • Added WorldToScreen(Vector world) to LUA API (Engine Interface)
  • Adjusted the way Chams are Rendered
  • Improved Bomb Timer Precision
  • Improved Defuse Timer Precision
  • Improved Desync
  • Fixed a Crash due to Memory Allocation that would Occur when Fetching Player Matrices
  • Fixed a Crash that would Occur when Dying with the Bomb Planted
  • Fixed an Issue with Players Sometimes Jittering when Using Backtracking
  • Fixed a Minor Security Flaw
  • Fixed Some Rendering Issues in LUA
  • Modified Text Input Fields (Slightly Shorter)
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  • Added Font Customization (Misc)
  • Added User ID Display (Info Bar)
  • Added New Hitsound Options (Metal, Paintball, Tap)
  • Adjusted Legit AA/Desync
  • Cheat is in a Much More Stable State
  • Fixed an Issue with Movement
  • Fixed a Memory Leak Occurring when Rendering
  • Improved Security
  • Modified the Intensity of Night Mode
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  • Added Name Tag for Skin Changer
  • Adjusted Slider Controls
  • Clantag Changer will now Reset to your Original Clantag when Disabled
  • Fixed a Bug with Hitmarker Rendering
  • Fixed a Bug with Model Replacement
  • Fixed a Rendering Issue
  • Fixed an Issue with Config Renaming
  • Fixed Font Loading
  • Optimized Font Rendering
  • Secured User Info being used in Cheat
  • Stability Updates
  • Window Locations Now Save to your Config (Console//Player List/Spectators)
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  • Added HP Based Option to Some Color Selectors (Right Click to Cycle through Normal, HP Based, and Rainbow)
  • Adjusted Word Hitmarker Display
  • Fixed a Bug with SIlent RCS
  • Improved Backtracking
  • Improved Fake Angle Visualization
  • Improved Legit AA
  • Improved Sliders in the UI
  • Improved Slow Walk
  • Improved the Resolver
  • Legit Bot FOV Sliders in the UI Now Have the Ability to Hit 45° and 180° as you Reach the Max
  • LUA API Update: 

New Class - Utils:

FindSignature(module, signature)




  • Overall Optimization
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  • Added "Ghost" Cham Material
  • Added Manual Anti Aim for Legit AA
  • Added Manual Indicators (Side Info)
  • Added Outline Chams for Hands/Weapons
  • Adjusted On Hit Glow Rendering
  • Added Sticker Changer
  • Fixed a Crash Occuring when Using Wireframe Overlay without a Material Set
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  • Added sv_pure Bypass (Convar Bypasses)
  • Added Weapon Sway Slider (Viewmodel)
  • Adjusted Keybinds in the GUI
  • Adjusted Nightmode
  • Backtracking can now goto 400ms
  • Improved Legit AA
  • Fixed a Crash that Randomly Occured when Joining Games
  • Fixed an Issue Causing Players to Rubberband when Spectating
  • Fixed an Issue Preventing Users from Scrolling down to Weapon Glow
  • Fixed an Issue with Full Bright
  • Fixed an Issue with Player Info Spam
  • Optimization to Aimbot and Visuals
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  • Added Cham Reflectivity Color Options
  • Added Glow Option for Hand/Weapon Chams
  • Added Menu Open Sound Effect (Misc)
  • Adjusted Clantag Changer Speed
  • Adjusted Keybind Positioning in the UI
  • Adjusted Plastic Cham Material
  • Can Now Resize the Default Width of Controls
  • Fixed a Crash Occurring on Map Swap
  • Improved Legit AA and Desync
  • Sliders Now Smoothly Transition when Changing Values
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  • Added Scope Color Options (Gradient)
  • Adjusted Hand/Weapon Cham Rendering
  • Adjusted Slider Animations
  • Adjusted the Way Reflectivity affects Chams
  • Added Screen Pulse Hitmarker
  • Fixed an Issue with Zeus Bot
  • Fixed a VERY Rare Crash when a Weapon was Invalid
  • Improved Backtracking with Knife/Zeus Bot
  • Improved Fake Angle Chams
  • Ragebot will now Target Backtrack
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  • Added Ambient Lighting Checkbox and Color Selector
  • Added FOV Arrow Scaling Slider
  • Added Health Option to World and Skybox Color Selectors
  • Added Hitbox Filter for Triggerbot
  • Added Hitchance for Triggerbot
  • Added Sound Rings
  • Added "Zapped" Bullet Trail
  • Adjusted Bullet Trails
  • Adjusted Smoothness for Aimbot/Magnet Trigger
  • Fixed an Issue with Lightning Strikes Spawning old Attacks when Enabling
  • Fixed an Issue with Scrollbars in the UI
  • Optimized Skin Changer/Misc UI Tabs
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  • Added FOV Arrow Distance Slider
  • Adjusted Zapped Bullet Trail
  • Fixed an Issue with Certain Functions in the LUA API
  • Fixed Issues Visible in Third Person for the Local Player
  • Improved Desync/Legit AA to Prevent Resolving
  • Minor Optimizations
  • Resolver Improvements
  • Updated LUA API to have RoundedRect(x, y, width, height, radius)
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  • Added All Controls to the Console (Can be Viewed using the "List" Command)
  • Adjusted the Way that the Ragdoll Intensifier is Applied
  • Can Now Right Click on a Slider to Modify the Value Manually (Type in the Desired Value)
  • Fixed Issue with Zeus Range Indicator having a Gap in it
  • Improved Scrolling of the Console
  • Improved Visibility Check when Spectating Players/Roaming the Map
  • Reverted Desync/Legit AA Update
  • Updated LUA API Naming Convention
  • Updated LUA API with New Functions for Adding Options to Dropdown Controls
  • Updated LUA API with New Functions for Getting Entity Info
  • Updated LUA API with Access to baseclientstate
  • Updated LUA API with Access to cplayerresource
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  • Adjusted the Way File Managers Reload when Tabbing Back into your Game
  • Adjusted the Way Skins are Loaded and Removed
  • Changes to HWID Reset System so that any Mod/Admin can Expediate and Log your Request
  • Fixed an Issue with Custom Crosshair Rendering
  • Fixed an Issue with Text Rendering in the LUA API
  • Fixed an Issue where you couldn’t ALT TAB when the UI wasn’t Open
  • LUAs in the PAINT Callback will now Render Over all Existing Renderings such as ESP
  • Optimizations to Visibility Checks
  • Skins are Now Fetched Dynamically (All Skins are Now Avaliable, Duplicates Currently Differentiated by Skin ID)
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  • Added Individual X/Y Recoil Pull Strengths
  • Adjusted the way Smoothness is Applied to Aimbot/RCS
  • Adjusted the way Text Input is Handled by the Sliders
  • Improved Skin Changer Selection, Eliminating Rare Bugs when Removing Skins
  • Improved the way Arrow Keys Modify the Value of a Slider
  • Loaded LUAs will now Remain Loaded when Tabbing In/Out of the Game
  • Optimized the File Manager
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  • Added Global Health Option Color Gradient (Default is Green to Red)
  • Added Vanilla Skin Option
  • Adjusted Hitmarkers
  • Adjusted Magnet Trigger Smoothnees
  • Fixed a Crash due to LUAs Sometimes Rapidly Reloading
  • Fixed a Crash when Swapping Games
  • Fixed an Issue when Saving Health Based Color Pickers
  • Fixed an Issue where Hovered Color Picker wouldn’t Set to Color of Underlaying Box (GUI Main Color)
  • Fixed an Issue where you couldn’t Copy HEX/RGB Info from Color Selectors
  • Fixed an Issue with the C4 Timer Sometimes not Showing Accurate Data
  • Improved Desync/Fake Lag Chams
  • Perfected Quick Stop
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  • Added Desync Flip Key
  • Added frame_time to the LUA API (globalvars)
  • Added Manual AA for Ragebot
  • Added Smart Auto Scope (Will Only Auto Scope if you don't Reach your Hitchance Requirement)
  • Fixed an Issue Settings Colors via the LUA Framework
  • Fixed an Issue that Occured on Map Change
  • Fixed an Issue when Tabbing Back into your Game and your LUAs Unloading
  • Fixed Some Issues with the ESP Toggle Key
  • Improved Backtracking Accuracy
  • Improved Auto Stop
  • Some Minor Optimizations
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  • Added Aimbot Enable Checkbox in the "Other" Section
  • Paired Aimbot Enable to a Desired Key Bind for Aimbot (Default is Left Mouse)
  • Added New UI Color Selector "Top Bar" to Control the Color of the Top Section Holding Tab Names
  • Fixed an Issue Causing the Flashlight to Flicker
  • Fixed an Issue Loading the Default Config Inputted into the Loader
  • "Gameplay" in the Misc Tab now has Two Sub Tabs: "Movement" and "Audio"
  • "Local Player" in the Visuals Tab now has Two Sub Tabs: "Crosshairs" and "Effects"
  • Moved Out of FOV Arrows to the ESP Section
  • Overall Optimization
  • Removed Draw Fake Options "Skeleton" and "Hitboxes"
  • Stability Improvements
  • UI has been Modernized, Animations Coming Soon
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  • Added Default Knives to the Weapon List (Skins)
  • Added Found User Notifications (Visuals -> Rendering -> Event Logger)
  • Added Online User Count (Visuals -> Rendering -> Info Bar)
  • Added Relayed ESP (Options to Share Only Enemy Data, or Teammate aswell, Rate can also be Limited (Visuals -> Rendering)
  • Added Shared Skins (Currently will Only Update if the User Rebuys the Weapon, Report any Bugs on Forum/Discord PM)
  • Fixed an Issue with the Glove Changer that has Occured for Some Users
  • Weapon ESP Now Specifies the Held Knife
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  • Added New Cham Option "Overflow"
  • Added New Hitmarker Sound "Zapped"
  • Adjusted Debug FOV Slider to Allow for Negative Adjustments (Zoom)
  • Adjusted Pulse/Glow Chams
  • Fixed an Issue when using Block Bot/Player Hover alongside Quick Stop
  • Fixed an Issue with Auto Bhop causing it to Sometimes Fail
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  • Adjusted Overflow Chams
  • Added Silent FOV (Silent Aim only Enables when User is within that FOV Range)
  • Adjusted Window Rendering
  • Fixed and Issue causing ESP to be Jittery at Times
  • Fixed an Issue causing Fonts to Fail to Re-Initialize when Changing Resolution
  • Fixed an Issue with Convars in the LUA API
  • Improved the Accuracy of the Aim Level Indicator
  • Moved "In Air" Check to "Checks" in Aimbot
  • Renamed "Enable" to "Aimbot" to Enable Aimbot in the "Legit" Tab
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  • Added Distance Based FOV for Aimbot
  • Adjusted Fake Lag
  • Adjusted Glow Chams
  • Adjusted the Layout of Aimbot Tabs in "Legit"
  • Added Zapped ESP Flag (Will Display a Flag if a User is Currently Injected with Zapped)
  • Fixed an Issue with "Draw Fake" not Saving to your Config
  • Fixed an Issue with the Formatting of the "Silent FOV" Slider
  • Overall Stability Improvements
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