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  1. i didnt do that at all ive been on ps4 im changing my password
  2. i didnt sell i havent been on pc in a while
  3. Years ago before i got zapped i used trash free cheats and got banned but when i bought zapped never vacced or OW banned
  4. i agree with this review completly one thing why are you trying to jump scout with zapped lol
  5. I have had zapped for 4 days now so, here are my thoughts and the visuals, rage bot ,movement ,legit bot ,and misc. Legit bot: The legit bot feel incredible when paired with the right RCS settings and the backtrack is just the cherry on top. 8/10 Visuals: The visuals are the best i've ever seen there are so many options to choose from and they are simply the best. 10/10 Movement: The Auto Bhop feels nice and you can get some nice speed. The WASD Auto Strafe is good for HVH but, that is all i use it for. The Movement Recorder is probably the best fearture here. You can record a jump or a cool trick then save it to do that jump/trick flawlesly everytime. 10/10 Rage Bot: The rage bot is decent. It is better than free cheats but worse than most paid. Using the right configs you can definatly gets some kill against other ragers. Although when i first wrote this review my internet was having a stroke and it made the rage bot so much worse because i was on a constant 300 ping. 6/10 Skin Changer | Model Changer: The skin changer is amazing it is up to date with every skin in the game you can also use any sticker and put a custom statrack. The model changer does not work for me but it is most likely a user error. | Skin Changer 10/10 | Model Changer N/A Well, those are my thoughts on zapped.cc. Basically to sum it up I highly reccomend this cheat if you only want to do legit but dont even think about using it for HVH you are simply going to get destroyed.
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