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My Review to Zapped.CC


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at first i though it was just a normal Legit cheat but the Rage bot is good


Legit Tab 11/10 

The Aimbot settings are so easy too costumize

and the triggerbot has so mutch uptions

Rage bot / Anti Aim Tab 9/10

the anti aim has mutch options and is easy too youse but sometimes its bugging

The rage bot is very good and you can youse the rage bot for Legitp and Semi rage its so cool ( The rage bot alone is a 10/10)

Visuals 10/10

The ESP is just easy too youse and it looks very good , And the Preview of the charakter looks very good

Inventory Changer 20/10

The Easyest Skin changer from all cheats and the Preview is looking Very good

Misc 10/10

All these Options are soo coole i love the skybox feature and the costum skybox feature the movement option is soo Easy to youse and it looks very legit


Settings Tab 100/10

Cloud config 10/10

Luas 10/10

very good cheat and very cheeeeeaaaap



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