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Legit Bot - 9/10

The legit bot is very easy to use and has all the features expected from an legit bot nothing special 

Visuals - 10/10 + 1 bonus point

The amount of options for visuals is just crazy, it has visuals from skeet Onetap. Glow looks very cool. I love the fact you can preview what your visuals are going to look like from the menu. I wasnt able to make it so non chams visuals would only show when seen and occluded but dosnt matter. 

Skin Changer - 9.5/10

Very simple to use skin changer/ inventory changer.  Adding stickers is very simple and clean as you can preview the stickers without even applying them to your weapon.

Only thing I dislike is there is no changer to add cases/music like spirithack henceforth the -0.5point.

Lua - 9/10

Lua is very simple however most scripts when browsing are either broken or useless, I believe their should be some moderation when posting luas. The lua community is semi-active with some very nice people to help .

Rage Bot - 2/10

The rage bot is terrible, the cheat would spam fakes or just not shoot. (I used ineffable Config) THIS IS AN LEGIT CHEAT THE RAGEBOT ISNT TO BE EXPECTED.

Stream Proof - 10/10

It works!

Community - 9.5/10

Support is Fast, Faster then most cheats ex(Aimware, OneTap, Skeet). Community Discord is not the most active but overall the community is nice and chill. I have not run into fake discord nitro bots in their discord so moderation is good. R/csgohacks is very toxic against this cheat, but i found they where too mad an cheat with an bad past can instead of exit scamming they can improve.

Menu - 10/10

The menu is very clean and nicely formated, the search bar just tells you the page the item your searching for is on. The menu is very well optimized.

Conclusion - 9.5/10

This cheat has improved alot since its past, i was hesitant buying the cheat as for controversy in its past but im happy i have the purchase. The loader is very clean and simple, the cheat is simply just an legit cheat and should not be looked as an multi function cheat. For the price i would recommend this cheat to any legit/new cheater. 






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