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I've been using Zapped for a little while now starting in v2 and I can say for sure that this is one of my favorite cheats to date.

The community is one of the nicest I've been in, making my time with this cheat a lot more pleasant, not having to deal with the constant toxicity that comes with joining the cheating scene. Everyone is helpful, the admins are quick to respond to any questions, and the dev is pushing constant updates.



For most cheats I've used, the visuals are unfortunately quite simple. Zapped on the other hand, has an extensive list of customization within the visuals tab including bloom for that cinematic effect, LSD chams, which thanks to a friend, I will never forget about. The addition of rendering checks for radar ESP is something I  appreciate, especially when trying to closet cheat.


Legit Bot:

Legit bots are legit bots. For basic use, anything that can move your crosshair works. Zapped has taken the legit bot, and made it more customizable than any cheats I've seen to date, with options for magnet trigger with overshoot, time and shots till aimbot, and recently in v3, the ability to have different settings for scout and awp.

Model / Inventory Changer:

I'm going to be honest. The inventory changer in v3 has some bugs, but with all these updates getting pushed, it should be as great as the skin changer used to be in v2. I've also never used a model changer so I can't really speak about it.


We got two sections to cover here: movement and gameplay.
Starting off with movement, there are features that most cheats require LUAs for, such as blockbots and autorunboost. Zapped has them built in. They also have a movement recorder for those epic jumps that, let's just face it, most of us can't do. They also have fake backwards for those movement players out there, and fakelag for legit hvhs


Gameplay is where we get to the frills. Zapped has dangerzone support, grenade helper, convar bypasses, and an option that makes every kill show up as a headshot (client-side only).


Aight. Rage in v3 I haven't tried yet but I have seen it in action in mm. It still isn't an hvh cheat, but it can resolve your average player and can come in handy in unfortunate situations.



The price is great, the cheat is great, the community is great. 9/10 would recommend.

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