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Registration Terms

Zapped.cc Terms of Service

By accessing zapped.cc, you are agreeing to the following terms. If you do not agree, you are prohibited from accessing our website, and from purchasing any of our software.


Website Rules:

Our website allows members to communicate with others in a civil matter. Any toxicity, including but not limited to: ddosing, doxing, harassment, or slandering, will lead to a ban from our website and all software that we offer.

Moderators and Staff have the right to ban any user at any time.


Software Rules:


All of our software is sold with the user knowing exactly what they are receiving. It is your responsibility to know what the product entitles you to, via our website and official reviews on the homepage of our website. All sales are final! Software incompatibility must be reported within 24 hours of purchase, including proof of incompatibility, to be considered for a refund. We will disregard all other refund attempts.



Attempts to reverse engineer/decompile our software, can, and will, result in a ban and cancellation of your subscription, with no refund. Moderators and Staff have the right to ban any user at any time, if they deem said user to be doing so.



Our software is designed to be ran for one person, on one computer. Users who modify their PC have the ability to open a support ticket to request a HWID Reset, allowing the user to use the software on their new computer. Moderators and Staff have the right to refuse any HWID Resets, if they deem said reset to be an attempt at account sharing/selling. Users determined to be doing so will be banned, having their subscription cancelled, with no refund.

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