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    Feature List

    NOT YET UPDATED FOR V3 ⊹ Legit Tab • Aimbot Hitboxes Priority Scan Edges FOV Distance Based FOV Smoothness Type Smoothness Value Smoothness Randomization Silent Aim Silent FOV Disable on Player Disable at Local Velocity • Triggerbot Hitboxes Priority Scan Edges Delay Overshoot Autostop Wallbang Minimum Damage Hitchance Disable at Local Velocity Magnet Triggerbot FOV Smoothness Type Smoothness Value • RCS Silent RCS Spray Requirement X Axis Pull Y Axis Pull Smoothness Smoothness Randomization • Other Aimbot (Enable Button/Toggle Key) Time until Lock Shots until Lock Disable Triggers Entity Checks Retarget Delay Friendly Fire Wallbang Legit AA Legit AA Max Ping Legit AA Left Manual Legit AA Right manual Backtracking ⊹ Visuals Tab • ESP Preview (Once You Go to Visuals Tab, Esp Preview Will Pop up Top Right Corner. "Only Shows for ESP") • ESP Enemy Name Box Box Fill Box Corner Length Health Bar (Off/Normal/Sliced) Skeleton Ammo Bar Distance Weapon Aim Points D-light Step Rings Flags Rendering Checks Force on Radar Bullet Tracers out of View Arrows Arrow Distance Arrow Size on Hit History Ticks History Ticks Selection • ESP Friendly Name Box Box Fill Box Corner Length Health Bar (Off/Normal/Sliced) Skeleton Ammo Bar Distance Weapon Aim Points D-Light Step Rings Flags Rendering Checks • ESP Settings (Customizing Health Bar, Weapon, Flags, Ammo Bar Position) • Model Enemy Chams Render When Hidden Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Remove Ragdoll • Model Friendly Chams Render When Hidden Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Remove Ragdoll • Model local Chams Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Ragdoll Chams Ragdoll Reflectivity Remove Ragdoll Vizualize Fakelag Chams Vizualize Fakelag Triggers Draw Fake Chams Hands Chams Weapon Chams • World C4 Glow Defuser Glow Grenade Glow Weapon Glow • Viewmodel Removals No Visual Recoil Ignore Zoom Zoom Key Free Cam Free Cam Collision Third Person FOV Third Person Toggle Key Force Thirdperson when Spectating Aspect Ratio Viewmodel FOV Viewmodel Push Viewmodel Horizontal Viewmodel Vertical Viewmodel Tilt Viewmodel Roll Weapon Sway Debug FOV • Local player Crosshair Varients Force Crosshair With Snipers Scope Spread No Scope Scope Color FOV Color Spread Color Visualize Zeus Range • Local Player Effects Bullet Tracers Walk Trail Grenade Prediction Flashlight • Rendering ESP Hide ESP (Obs Proof, Screenshots) Fade Speed Spectator List Velocity Graph Event Logger Event Color Side Info Info Bar Shared ESP Update Rate Limit Hide activity • World Modulation Night Mode Amount Ambient Props Skybox World Skybox Changer World Esp Grenades Weapons No Flash No Fog No Smoke ⊹ Misc tab • Gameplay Movement Auto Bhop Succes Rate Auto Strafe Edge Jump Air Duck Slow Walk Slow Walk Speed Slide Walk Anti Trigger Auto Defuse Auto Pistol Auto Pistol Delay Quick Stop Quick Duck Player Hover Block Bot Door Spam Jump Scout Auto Peek Auto Peek Return • Gameplay Audio Ambient Volume Chat Volume Revolver Volume Wind Volume • Fun Extra Reveal Ranks Always Show Headshot Preserve Killfeed Ragdoll Intensity Hitmarker Hitsound Hitsound Volume Knife in left Auto Accept Convar Bypasses Unjam Radar • Fun Name/Chat Clantag Changer Chat Spam Player Info Spam Kill Alerts • Other Shot Helper Name Location D-Light Render Distance Shot Assist Known Shots • Other Movement Recorder Name Recording Start Key Recording Stop Key Render Color Render Trail Location D-Light Render Distance Playback Start Key Playback Stop Key Allow User Angle Change Recordings • Other Buy Bot Primary Secondary Extras Eco Buy Force Buy Eco Money Primary Alt Secondary Alt • LUAs ⊹ Skin Changer Tab • New Weapons Skins Stattrak Live Stattrak Seed Wear Name Add Button • Added (Shows All Added Skins/Models, AK Redline as an Example) Replaced Weapons • Model Changer Replacement ⊹ Settings Tab • Configs • Font changer • Appearance Main Background Tint Accent Color Title Bar Color Controls Underglow Underglow Pulse Range Underglow Pulse Speed Menu Fade Speed Side Bar Activation Side Bar Speed Custom Background Reset Size Button (Resets the Size of the Menu Back to Default) • Settings Menu Toggle Key Dev Console Player List Menu Sound Volume Health Base Rainbow Speed • Search • Config Browser (Allows You to Download Configs Within the Cheat Without Going on Forum/Discord to Find Configs) ⊹ Home tab • User stats • Chat box • Update log ⊹ Rage tab • Aimbot Settings Hitboxes Hitboxes Histroy Multipoint Silent Aim Minimum Damage Override Key Minimum Damage Override Autowall Minimum Damage Visible Minimum Damage Hitchance Head Pointscale Body Pointscale Head Safe Point Ignore Limbs Speed • Anti Aim Settings Base Angle Desync Fake Back Pitch Spin Spin Range Spin Speed Jitter Jitter Range • Extras Enable Button Targetting Target Limit On Target Smart Autoscope Body Aim Body Aim Key Auto Attack Fake Lag Fake Lag Method Triggers Left Manual Right Manual Back Manual Desync Flip Resolve Anti-aim Override Menu Is Resizeble as You Can See in Some of the Pictures