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Found 6 results

  1. Zapped is one of the best legit cheats currently. The visuals are among my favorites, and the lua browser is pretty cool. The rage bot is kind of bad, but thats not what zapped is meant for. The new walkbot is exiting, and I always love when devs are creative innovative. The staff are responsive and respectful (in my experience) Although zapped has been crashing a lot lately, I am hopeful that it will all be fixed im future updates.
  2. So, I am going to review zapped fully honest. Here we go... (also i am pretty trash at reviewing things so please dont bully) Menu: 9/10 Its simple, cool and I really like it. It also has config browser which I just love. Legit: 10/10 I always liked the legitbot in zapped, and I still do. It gives alot of customizability to fit your playstyle. If there would be a delay shot option, it would be much much better, but its still amazing. Rage: 7/10 New ragebot improved alot. It can keep up with alot of cheats and in some cases do alot better (haha aimwhere, lol). Its also really easy to set up, and its also super customizable. Still, there should be some improvements on the anti-aim, and on the resolver. Anti aim is a bit off for now. I did manage to get alot of cheats to dump if they only set their cheat to head, but in hvh cheats will prefer body aim most of the times (its still great). About resolver, zapped really likes to shoot jitter anti-aims, and the option "body aim, shooting fake" doesnt really help that much. Overall its super great. Visuals: 10/10 Its super cool, super customizable to your liking, either for legit/rage its super cool. There are alot of cham types too, and I havent seen this many cham types in other cheats. Inventory changer: 8.5/10 Its not really common to see cheats with inventory changer, its pretty cool in my opinion. However still there are some small bugs with it. Sometimes (very rarely) it gets the rarity of the skins wrong, but that happens most commonly with vanilla skins. Misc: 8/10 Its pretty nice, it has some pretty cool features. Like movement recorder, shot helper, fake backwards etc. However I would really like to see a better shot helper. Current one is kinda bad ngl, you have to map the spots for each config and not like movement recorder which is drag and drop. Its hard to position yourself with it too. It also has shot assist which positions you, but it also wants to get your crosshair on the spot, which I think should be a toggle on/off feature. Overall, the misc is great and has alot of features. Overall: 8.75/10 V3 improved alot of things. Legitbot got alot of randomization options, ragebot got super good to the point where it can compete, visuals got more options, inventory changer got added, and misc pretty much remained the same, but with some more extra features (of what I noticed). Boring gave zapped a bad rep, at the start sadly what made alot of users hate on it. BUT the cheat got super good since and I would say go for the cheat, its pretty damn good.
  3. LEGIT BOT (10/10) - You literally have everything you need , if you know how to use it - Aim + Smoothness = To be honest i have never seen so many features for it so i give that a big + - Trigger = I think the trigger is fine right now but it could be better in my opinion because sometimes it flicks even if you got alot of smoothness going on (but that is probs just a bug) - RCS = the RCS is just great to be honest - Legit AA = It is decent right now but i think that there could be a adjusting feature RAGE BOT (6/10) - Honestly if it gets worked on i think it will be a well balanced cheat between legit and rage - Resolver = The resolver is actually great not gonna lie - AA = Not the best but decent - Other features (min damage, etc.) = Decent but need to get worked on VISUALS (10/10) - I have never seen something so nice in a cheat before - ESP = There is a preview of the visuals which you can drag around - Chams = Great selection, recently updated - Glow = Inner glow looks cool, recently updated - Yourself = I like how you can change your scope and crosshair in this section, i also love how you can tilt and adjust your viewmodel - World = Custom skybox, idk what else to say cause it has almost everything - ANTI-OBS = Great feature but idk how it works MISC (9/10) - I would love to see a jump-bug assist (plesae) - Bhop = You can adjust the hit % (first bhop hits) - Autostrafe = Multidirectional might be buggy for some people - Edge jump = You can bind it so thats a + SKIN CHANGER / MODELCHANGER (9/10) - If you need help with it then you can check out the video on Zapped's channel - Inventory changer will be here soon OTHER (10/10) - They did an amazing job on this part! - Config Browser = This is awesome, it saves your time by searching for configs ingame / incheat and you cal also share your own configs but if you prefer the classic way (adding the cfg through files) then you can do that too! - Player info chat spam = I love this one for trolling - Movement recorder = Amazing feature, you can also share your movement recordings with other members on Zapped's discord - Appereance = Custom background!! You can share them with others on the discord again. You can also adjust glow and colors to your likings This one month subscription forced me to buy a lifetime subscription right after my month runs out!! Amazing cheat in my opinion and i hope i helped all of you out there !! Btw sorry if I have any grammar errors in here ❤️
  4. jeti81

    V2 Review

    Hello! So I would like to review the cheat, of what I have been experiencing with it so far. Menu: 8/10 It looks cool, but sometimes its hard to find features. Or I am just stupid and cant see. Legit tab: 10/10 It has alot of features, customizability, and overall just AMAZING for legit cheating. Rage tab: 5.5/10 Its ok, it can compete in some cases, has a few bugs, like antiaim desync is hittable (atleast for me), and in somecases the cheat doesnt really like to shoot when the player is hittable, even in min damage 1. (Like the players top head, or the pelvis peeking) Visuals tab: 10/10 I dont really use visual customizability too much, I rather go with a simple look, but it has alot of different options to choose from. Misc tab: 9/10 It has alot of cool features. Only the luas are my problem, not really seeing any lua scripts or they are not working anymore. Skin changer: 6/10 It good, sometimes its hard to find the skin that you are looking for. (also bring back stickers :D) And I have a suggestion for the skin changer here, have a skin sorter for the skins tab. Basically it sorts out the skins for that specific weapon.
  5. The legitbot is good and not that blatant and that is good for a legit cheat. HvH is not as good as most unless you have a great config but this is a legit cheat we are talking about 🙂 The Menu improvements to me are better than V1. The Visuals are very nice. Though i have not had any bugs or crashes since using V2 I can not say if anything is wrong. Some Config Browser configs don't work but a few do and I am pretty sure that will be fixed 😄 Review Over. Great cheat overall
  6. hi guys, so i have used zapped for atleast a week now, and i think its incredibebly good, i havent used any other "big" cheats but i have used some before, and this is 200 times better than them together, theres some bugs here and there, some random crashes, but we have ineffable whos an amazing dev, way better than any else cheats dev... but anyway some times the aimbot feels like its snapping onto heads, or not actually tapping anyone, but maybe thats just me whos a little retarded when it comes to those things. but overall i think its one of the best cheats on the market, and especially for the price. Stay zapped i figured out stay zapped by myeself be proud of me ❤️
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