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  1. With how injection works on zapped if it was detected many people would be banned not just you. So something else resulted in ur VAC. <><><><><><><><><> ynn HvH, PhD 7 Inch Penis Lead astrophysicist N.A.S.A. <><><><><><><><><>
  2. ineffable 10/24/2020 @everyone Skrill/Stripe coming as a payment method within the next few weeks He said that on the 24th
  3. as of now u can only pay with paypal so the question is do u trust paypal. they are adding skrill / stripe soon two other trusted services, when ur paying through a trusted 3rd party like paypal they never get ur card info
  4. late reply but, no thats not true. vac isnt dependant on reports or how "legit" you are. it hasnt been detected before and though its unlikey to be detected its still possible so dont be a dumbass and dont cheat on any account u dont want to risk losing.
  5. If ur playing prime id just use walls not the trigger and learn how to hide them well, if u want aim / trigger the paid will be much more legit looking while giving you a greater advantage
  6. kinda wish it was a bit longer still very confused on what you think about the cheat. this is a bit short intro paragraph but good start