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  1. Legit: 10/10 I personally don't use aimbot, but from what I can see it has an enormous amount of features to make the aimbot whatever you'd like. Rage: 5/10? I don't use rage at all, but from what I have heard it is not good compared to most rage cheats so I am going to slap a 5 for that rating 😛 Visuals: 8/10 The visuals are very clean but they can be hard to find without using the search feature in Settings, IMO there are way more categories than there needs to be. Skins: 6/10 There is no category of skins for each weapon so it makes it a little hard to find real skins eg. Vulcan AK-47 without searching. I know a inventory changer is coming out soon though so that'll be nice 😜 There are no stickers ATM which puts the rating down a bit. Sometimes my skins will have the StatTrak counter on the weapon even though it's not a StatTrak, skins can also be buggy at times. Other than those small issues and limits I give it a 6/10 Misc: 9/10 Zapped has by far the best and most miscellaneous options I have ever seen. There is so much in there it's fkin amazing. One thing I would like to see is a Player Info that doesn't spam team chat, so that it says once or twice ONLY "Player is in CT, with a Glock-18, 78 HP" instead of spamming it every 1 second. Another thing I would LOVEEEE to see is a Web Radar so that my teammates that don't cheat can open a radar on a website such as like "" and they could see where the enemies are via there web browser, platinumcheats used to have this and i loved it. Settings: 10/10 The settings tab is clean so I don't know what should be added or changed so I am going to give it a 10/10, it has config's and GUI color changer in there. Overall: 8.5/10 This cheat is by far the best cheat I have used other than good ol' PlatinumCheats which no longer exists, and was more expensive I believe. The things I want to be added are Web Radar and ofc the upcoming Inventory Changer (hopefully i can get it early if u know what i mean 😉)