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    Legitbot: Amazing as never before! The legit bot is better than any other legit bot on other cheats (In my opinion) There is a lot of features aswell as troll settings for friends or teammates, there is VERY nice visuals and easy to configurate settings for every weapon, the RCS is very good and easy to config! Ragebot: Not the best since this is a legit cheat but if you ever meet a not so good cheater in matchmaking, the ragebot will help alot! The ragebot is very good considering this is a legit cheat but it could be better. Misc: Misc is my favourite part as it has all the sound settings, all features such as blockbot, player hover, door spam and more. There is a buy bot, movement recorder (Which makes it so you can record yourself doing a movement and then you can copy that every time so you hit it always! There is auto defuse, auto pistol and much more. Skins: Now this, this is good. The skin section has almost everything you want, except one thing that I want them to add which is Inventory changer and stickers, but other than that it's very good. You can add seeds, live stattrack, names on the guns. My opinion: Legitbot: 10/10 Ragebot: 5/10 Skins: 9/10 Misc: 10/10 Very good cheat for legit cheating! Recommend it highly!