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  1. Shotout to my boy Fluffy (who actually has skeet) , for helping expose this dog.
  2. Legit bot (10/10) * I bought this cheat for legit cheating on my main, and so far it has done the job. I've ranked up from Silver 2 to Master Guardian 2, and I was still in green trust factor, until I started playing with other big namers like Velema and Kaito, and started going a bit more obvious. The legit bot is very customizable and that gives great opportunity to make good legit and semi rage configs. Rage bot (?/10) * I don't hvh, so nothing more to say here. (What I can say is use dylans hvh config, it's the best one I've tried) This is a legit cheat, so you shouldn't expect much from the rage bot, however I must say - with how often the cheat is updated, I think that rage bot will do great things in the future. I have no idea where to put this, but when me and my friend played matchmaking, we beat a guy who used auto wall, so that just shows that zapped is able to compete with other semi rage cheats. I've used the fake lag in matchmaking, and that in combination with my dogshit internet makes me a very hard target to hit! 😉 Visuals (11/10) * Probably the best thing about this cheat. There is basically everything you can ask for. If you're just as good as me, when making a config, you can make the game look 100x times more beautiful than it already is, and I don't think any other cheat has as many options for chams as zapped does. And the best part is - there are new chams in the making, I'm especially excited about the glass chams! With zapped there are so many options and it can suite people with both good and bad tastes. Skins (10/10) * Not much to say - it works perfectly! And inventory changer is on it's way! Misc (9/10) * I think it has everything you can ask for, starting from things like Edge Jump, Slow Walk to griefing features like Player Hover and Block Bot. Would be cool to have more clantag options though. Settings (10/10) * The best part about this is the config browser. Even though I don't use it, since my configs are extremely good (ask customers who have bought it), it does help for newfags who have just started cheating (jk xD). In conclusion, zapped is definitely the best cheat I've used. I haven't had a single complaint in my 2 months of using zapped, and I'm so glad they often offer discount codes, which make the lifetime option much more affordable. Another good thing is the community in Discord, which is friendly and we try to help each other out when encoutering any problems.
  3. Hands down the best cheat I’ve used. I was pleasantly surprised how well it works on my low-end laptop! Been using it for 8 matchmaking games, and won every game, no crashes, no bugs, no complaints. Another big plus is the friendly staff! I’m so glad I chose Zapped.cc! Much love!