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  1. Project infinity provide u poor antiaim and no legit aa or desync or even a properly ragebot Zapped does but it didnt have medal changer and music kits changer like project infinity Pi have free version, zapped dont Depend on u but i suggest to buy zapped.
  2. Actually insane records is private and made by me lol i had uploaded some media bout it already, but i only give it to the ppl i want
  3. maecry

    V2 Review

    noway they gib u bate
  4. maecry

    Custom Models

    since sv_pure on everytime, just modify the game outsite lelelelellelelelelelelelelelele
  5. 1. i paid with skins so i have to wait xd cuz my timezone is big different with Skrt so i had to wait him wake up and set me vip, but he will be fast since everyone is staying at home 2. i used on my main account with audiable esp + charm visible only + skins xd still fine since i always stay at bottom frag XD and yea every cheats will be detected someday but zapped is undetected since released xd nearly a yea now i guess and last, yes u need to turn off ur anti-virus to make it work xd dont worry bout it much it wont rat u or something xD install loader->login->choose zapped v2-> inject and open steam+csgo like normal i bet u wont regret after buying it xd thats why im a lifetime user
  6. maecry

    Is v2 worth it?

    sometime crashed due to change config having world color changer, the menu is much more better than v1, the legitbot is more than perfect with new update, overwatch bypass 10/10 xd
  7. I just bought life time for zapped though tons of comments toward zapped for being a pasted but i still think zapped is worth to buy and use this is my honest thought about the cheat after 2 mm legit bot: didnt need to say a word 10/10, the legit aa first time i saw it i think wtf this is so wack, but nope its so good and making me laughed hard with those noobs xD rage bot: lul 4/10 since this is a legit cheat i didnt expect must from rage tab but i still tap otc on the enemy team with someone on the forum configs xD thanks to that guy i forgot the name visual:10/10 absolutely perfect tons of choices and modify Skins: 9/10 i crashed for using model changer but in the wrong way xd still cool tho really recommend haha Misc:10/10 i love the fact u can stand on them and became Optimus prime, i'm laughing so hard at midnight for this Overall: 8/10 for a legit cheats with 10$/month? LOL buy it immediately please, i sold my kidney for this(jk) anyway i rlly recommend this cheats xd dont let the haters make u think this cheat is bad, i didnt regret after buying this tho