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  1. Over the past few years that I have been cheating, I have owned many cheats. I started out with free cheats obviously, but about a year into cheating, I was tired of getting banned. I splurged and decided to buy aimware. It was still in V3 at the time and honestly it was nice, but it is a cheat made for rage. So for me, I felt like there had to be some cheat that was made SPECIFICALLY for legit. I then started watching more cheating on YouTube, and around this time Onetap become very popular. I decided to buy a 1 month sub and it was amazing for the month that I had it. At least, at the time I thought it was amazing. Then, on to zapped. I scowled the internet for a cheat MADE for legit. Something that I could avoid getting banned by using. I saw how many people on youtube LOVED zapped. So I took a risk, and decided to buy lifetime because at the time it was only $50 which was cheap for me so I decided to buy it. That's when I was struck by heaven. This cheat is CONSTANTLY updated and new things are added every week. I could not be MORE impressed then I am with the features of this cheat. The legit bot can be edited to look almost like you have nothing injected. The skin changer is SUPREME and I am pumped for it upgrading to an inventory changer. This cheat never ceases to surprise me. I don't use visuals now, but back when I did, they were above what I would expect from a legit cheat. I am absolutely not a professional cheater, nor am I someone who does reviews often, but zapped is an exception for me. I have no problem expressing how I feel about this cheat. I love it! Another thing, I am not at all good at creating configs, so the addition of the config browser is legendary in my eyes. (Shameless Plug: 3138 has the absolute BEST legit configs btw). Before zapped, I couldn't go more than a month on a prime account without the cheat getting detected or me getting overwatched. Although with zapped, I have had the same prime account from when I bought this cheat 6 months ago. Zapped can give you the same it has for me, KEEP YOUR ACCOUNTS!!! If you are reading this thinking about buying, I hope you come join us. We are a fun community that would love to have you as a part. #ZAPPEDSTRONG