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  1. Hello everyone. Im going to review, after using My 24 Hour trial period. Legitbot. The legit bot is very solid. I had no problems with it, and it worked flawlessly. There were many features in the legitbot itself, and overall was pretty good. Overall 8/10 Ragebot. The ragebot was meh, i couldnt hit the bright side of a barn if i wanted to. But the cheat is ofc mainly focused on legit, so i cant complain that much about it. Overall 4/10 Visuals. There was many visuals options, and i really like everything about it. It wasnt to much and wasnt to little if i can say so. Overall 8/10 Model changer/Skin changer. I did not get to use the Model changer how ever i did use the Skin changer. The skin changer was simple but worked very well. Overall 7/10 Movement recorder. HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT WAS GOOD. I can not stress how fucking good this was i loved every single secound of using it. It was very user friendly and was easy to use Overall 10/10 Misc. I can't say much about misc since, its misc. But there was basicly all the features you needed. overall 7/10 Community. I did not get to talk with a lot of zapped users but i talked to one guy and he was very nice and told me how to fix middelman process not working (i just had to run the loader as admin) Overall 7/10 The cheat was overall pretty good and i could definitely see myself buying it next month when i get my allowence lol. Overall 8/10 Leave any criticism in the comments because i would like to improve