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  1. Zapped v2 is so much better than what it was, It performs perfectly and it is undetectable. It is easy to configure and has a clean menu. I prefer zapped for it’s price as well, The Legit AA is great if used correctly. legit bot 10/10 Rage bot - It doesn’t perform as well, but it is a legit cheat. If you expect high performance your brain is small. It is there for an occasion, Of course asking to update it won’t help. It is the last thing to be updated 5.5/10 visuals - Unique and clean. It is Everything you could ask for, Definitely private cheat level. 10/10 misc - pretty obvious things bhop, edge jump and etc 10/10 overall, my experience with Zapped V2 has been great. Their has been no problems with it for me.
  2. Funny

    P review

    The cheat is very good and unique. Comparing to other P2C you can obviously tell how good it is. The visuals are sexier than me. And that’s impossible due to the fact how sus I am. The staff are very friendly I love them more than I love my dog. They kinda cute though ngl. They try to help whenever they can I respect them for that. Overall the cheat is really good and recommended. Penis touchee.
  3. I know you didn’t just ask that in a CSGO cheat site