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  1. Legit bot (7/10): The Legit bot is a bit confusing and takes a bit of time to configure right, the aim smoothing is not as smooth as I expected but all in all a good legit bot. Rage Bot (3/10): The only time I managed to hit anything is when I fight aagainst normal users which often times still managed to kill me. Anti Aim (6/10): The Anti Aim had all features that you could imagine but it could have been more costumizable. Visuals (8/10): Everything you could dream of, can't give it a ten because there is nothing special. (doesn't mean it is bad) misc (7/10): Has all the features you need, it is still missing some important things all in all rating (7.5/10): As you can see this cheat is good for legit and shouldn't be used for hvh. (pls don't ban me)