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  1. bcard


    Thank you! i will be updating every update the cheat gets
  2. bcard


    felt like that needed to be addressed now what i think of the cheat as a whole Visuals 10/10 Aimbot 9/10 (needs various little improvements that will come with time but overall good for a new cheat) Misc 9/10 (fun features to mess around with, cool to see lua supported so early into a cheats beginning.) Menu 8/10 (overall the menu looks decent but could do a lot better and make things more organized or space them out a little more) Rage 7/10 (never really expected this to be the best rage cheat as i wasnt buying it for that purpose and isnt really needed until legit has a rework done to it) Anti-Aim ??/10 (the anti-aim seems decent but has a lot more potential, havent had time to really use it since im too nervous to take this cheat into prime matches because of the smoothing issue) I would recommend this cheat for people who arent looking for the most legit play but looking for more features and better looking visuals in general (a thing that would be cool to see is being able to change the fonts for weapon names, names, and flags for esp)