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  1. glad you like it 😀
  2. MENU 10/10 For V1 I Liked The Older Menu Better New V1 Menu Is Still Ok For V2 Its The Best Out Of Any Cheat Ive Ever Used And Theres Still Menu Changes Happening LEGITBOT 9/10 One Of The Best If Not The Best Its Pretty Easy To Use And Theres Aimbot Checks For Like Smoke And Flash And You Can Change Fov, Fov Smoothing, Rcs, Triggerbot For Every Category Some Other Things Should Still Be Added Though RAGEBOT 1/10 Not A Rage Cheat So Not A Big Deal But In V2 I Would Love To See The Ragebot Get Some Improvements VISUALS 10/10 A Fuck Ton Of Options For Chams World Bullet Tracers Tbh Best Visuals In Any Legit Cheat Out There SKINS 7/10 Super Easy To Use All Animations Work For Knifes And Model Changer Isnt That Easy To Use MISC 10/10 Alot Of Features The Not Much To Say Clean Clantag Changer Cool Hitsounds OVERALL I Think Zapped.cc Is The Best Legit Cheat That You Can Buy For The Price And Features