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  1. I'm BaiAlbert (you might know me from YouTube lol) and I've been using zapped on and off for 8 months and I thought that posting a review on the cheat would be a good idea. 路 Legitbot: 10/10 - The most customizable legitbot I've ever seen 路 Ragebot: 10/10 - Pretty strong for semirage/rage in Matchmaking (Adding exploits would make it p100 for community HvH @ineffable馃槈 路 Visuals: 9/10 - You can pretty much do everything you want 路 Inventory Changer: 8/10 - It has some issues but stills pretty good overall 路 Misc: 10/10 - So many features, you won't miss anything 路 Walkbot: 7/10 - I've used it a lot and except some crashes/bugs it has worked fine 路 Menu: 9/10 - The latest menu update made it 10x better 路 Loader: 9/10 - Never got issues with it, always worked flawless 路 Support: 10/10 - Really fast support with broken configs, LUA issues... I've used quite a lot of softwares and in my opinion zapped isn't the best but the experience with it has been the best one. Thanks to @Skrt, @ineffable and the whole staff team for bringing this awesome product to the market
  2. I'm not part of the staff team but I'm sure that it wasn't a misban. You gotta be careful with the links you click.
  3. code "baialbert", code TABZ is also a thing but "baialbert" is for cool people 馃槑
  4. You don't need to redownload the loader, it auto updates itself. And the thing about rebuilding and all, I'd say it's fake. Every time you inject the loader makes a unique build for you.
  5. A lua script could be made for this. Zapped's api is pretty user-friendly, so I'd take a look into it 馃槈
  6. I've never experienced this problem but I'd say it's most likely a problem when saving, such as some other program heavily using internet or else... Make sure a "Config saved" notification appears
  7. These last 2 weeks zapped it's the only cheat I've used. I had and I'm having a really good experience. About overwatch, I ended up spinning or semiraging very obviously on evey game and i just got some false bans which got removed days after. You definitely should get it!
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