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  1. ah i did not know that thanks for the help ^ ^
  2. Legitbot: 10/10 To put it simply, the legitbot on this cheat really shines compared to every other cheats legitbot. with this legitbot it is much easier and faster to config it correctly to get that perfect balance between not being sus and hacking your ass off. now the legitbots usefulness varies drastically with what cfg you are using, i prefer Echo's config with it tweaked slightly to be less sus. the aa does its job pretty okay but is not anything to gloss over but with the help of luas can make you be untouchable (more on luas later) to summarize my experience, i have never seen a better legitbot in my life and IT IS the best legitbot period. Final score (10/10) Ragebot: 6.5/10 I Think Cloud said it best " I would never use zapped for HvH even if it's in MM. Don't get me wrong, the rage bot isn't bad, but this is a legit cheat. The resolver isn't great and the AA won't be making anyone dump. HOWEVER, for semi-rage, the ragebot is amazing. Once again, super customizable, easy to setup and honestly, really fucking good fakelag for MM." Now one thing i will add is that i went into a hvh server and did pretty good going up vs ot and luckycharms kids + a few aimware skids. I did go 5 positive quite a bit in servers just gotta play smarter it also needs double tap then it would be a 8/10 (his testimonial) VISUALS: 10/10: not much really needs to be said, everything is perfect, I love how you can see what ESP you are adding through the model example on the cheat page itself. MISC: 9/10 when it comes to the miscellaneous stuff that is built into the cheat like Block bot or Recordings, i think Zapped does a very good job with this. there is some stuff that i think is missing in general like, name change spammer, local and server impacts and resolver override. Skin Changer: 9/10 I only take one point off because while the skinchanger/model changer works pretty well, one problem. The skin changer wont work half the time, I would equip a skin from the skin changer and it wont show. it works for the knife but if i have a r8 skin i added from the changer it wont show or even switch to that gun. If this is fixed than Visuals will be a 10/10. Lua: 10/10 Not much to say its lua pretty good Overall: 9/10 Zapped has come a long way they really stepped it up with v3 It would have been a 10/10 if it wasn't for the Crashes So is zapped.cc worth the money? Yes. Yes it is zapped is the most customizable legit cheat I've ever used.