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  1. Legit-Bot 1. The legit part of V2 is so reliable. 2. It doesn't look obvious if ur not using any walls. 3. The rcs of the V2 is so great. 4. legit aa still need some updates. Rage-Bot 1. I don't use ragebot, but sometimes it hits p100 ngl. Dev is doing his great to make this cheat better Misc 1. Misc is filled with plenty of trolling features. 2. There is no bugs caused by any features of misc Config-browser It is one of the biggest features of V2. Helping new user to download cfg within the cheat and not to search for cfg. So far the cheat is gaining back it's repo after that noon dog incident. Which is good. When I play in low trust factor mm people just ask me what cheat u using. (In closet cheating) I highly appreciate ineffable for making this cheat. He's the only developer of this cheat and he is doing great as a single Dev. I give this cheat 8.5/10 Cuz I still think this cheat is missing some features and some features are yet to be fixed. Discord id: Friker#1537 Lifetime user since August 2019