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  1. here are my thoughts on this cheat: Rage bot, 8/10 - I used it on some hvh servers and it was decent but in MM i 1v3ed against otc and it was hitting p, better than i expected. Legit bot 10/10 - Still haven't lost a match out of about 15 games and haven't been banned yet. Visuals 10/10 - Very simple and easy to use good customization. Misc 9/10 - Block bot and door spam best features :) Menu 10/10 - Simple and clean + Search bar very useful in case you forget where something is. Loader 9/10 - There's nothing wrong with it very fast and simple, the UI is not as clean as the cheat itself but you wont have the loader open for the whole time anyways Support 10/10 - fast to respond and very helpful. Overall i haven't had a problem with it so far, very clean cheat ;)
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