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    Hey, I'd like to start off by saying this is the first time I've used zapped, however, I've been cheating since 2015 and I've used pretty much every legit cheat under the sun so I feel qualified to pick this cheat apart and give an honest review. DISCLAIMER: This is all based off of my opinion and this WILL be an honest, non biased review. Right so lets get into the main reason people buy this cheat. Legit: 9/10 It would be a 10/10 but the only things that bug me about it are very small things such as there not being a dedicated heavy pistol config for legit (however there is one for rage?). Personally I prefer to use different smoothing and FOV for pistols and heavy pistols. The other thing that bugs me is that there isn't a delay shot option. Delay shot is super important for closet configs for weapons such as Pistols and Snipers. Theres no point using aimbot with smoothing with an AWP or Scout when your gun shoots before the aimbot has placed you over the enemy. Other than those small things, the legit bot is amazing, super customizable and easy to setup! Rage: 6/10 (Doesn't bother me as this is primarily a legit cheat.) So, I'm going to be blunt about this. I HvH a lot, I mean A LOT. Unhealthy amounts of HvH. I would never use zapped for HvH even if it's in MM. Don't get me wrong, the rage bot isn't bad, but this is a legit cheat. The resolver isn't great and the AA won't be making anyone dump. HOWEVER, for semi-rage, the ragebot is amazing. Once again, super customizable, easy to setup and honestly, really fucking good fakelag for MM. Visuals: 10/10 2 words: fucking amazing. The chams are beautiful, I love the render check "is audible". This makes this cheat VERY good for closet cheating. You can customize the locations of every ESP option which is nutty and I love it since I spend hours on visuals. The velocity graph is super nice. Honestly there isn't much more I can say other than the visuals are amazing. The 1 thing I would change is the Info Bar. I'd like to see a cleaner, sleeker info bar with a logo. Skin Changer: 9/10 Not much I can say, really nice Inventory changer/Skin changer. Would be a 10/10 if it wasn't so clunky. Misc: 10/10 The misc tab's were the main reason I bought this cheat. The movement options are insane. Built in block bot and door spammer. Oh and the movement recorder. It's super slick and easy to use. It's honestly perfect. The grenade helper is pretty much an overwatch bypass. And I love the different hitmarker options. World display + Damage = nut. Overall: 8/10 Now, it would have been a 9 or even a 10 if it wasn't for the random crashes. I have no clue what is causing them, most of the time it happens if you change config, sometimes it's completely random. It doesn't happen super often, but it happens often enough for it to get a bit annoying after the 2nd or 3rd crash. Should you buy zapped.cc? YES! 100%. As I said, I've used almost every legit cheat since I started cheating in 2015, and for the price, zapped is the best, most customizable legit cheat I've ever used. Thank you for reading my review. Please remember this is all based off of my opinion and personal preferences. -cloud (sleepy)
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    LEGIT BOT (10/10) - You literally have everything you need , if you know how to use it - Aim + Smoothness = To be honest i have never seen so many features for it so i give that a big + - Trigger = I think the trigger is fine right now but it could be better in my opinion because sometimes it flicks even if you got alot of smoothness going on (but that is probs just a bug) - RCS = the RCS is just great to be honest - Legit AA = It is decent right now but i think that there could be a adjusting feature RAGE BOT (6/10) - Honestly if it gets worked on i think it will be a well balanced cheat between legit and rage - Resolver = The resolver is actually great not gonna lie - AA = Not the best but decent - Other features (min damage, etc.) = Decent but need to get worked on VISUALS (10/10) - I have never seen something so nice in a cheat before - ESP = There is a preview of the visuals which you can drag around - Chams = Great selection, recently updated - Glow = Inner glow looks cool, recently updated - Yourself = I like how you can change your scope and crosshair in this section, i also love how you can tilt and adjust your viewmodel - World = Custom skybox, idk what else to say cause it has almost everything - ANTI-OBS = Great feature but idk how it works MISC (9/10) - I would love to see a jump-bug assist (plesae) - Bhop = You can adjust the hit % (first bhop hits) - Autostrafe = Multidirectional might be buggy for some people - Edge jump = You can bind it so thats a + SKIN CHANGER / MODELCHANGER (9/10) - If you need help with it then you can check out the video on Zapped's channel - Inventory changer will be here soon OTHER (10/10) - They did an amazing job on this part! - Config Browser = This is awesome, it saves your time by searching for configs ingame / incheat and you cal also share your own configs but if you prefer the classic way (adding the cfg through files) then you can do that too! - Player info chat spam = I love this one for trolling - Movement recorder = Amazing feature, you can also share your movement recordings with other members on Zapped's discord - Appereance = Custom background!! You can share them with others on the discord again. You can also adjust glow and colors to your likings This one month subscription forced me to buy a lifetime subscription right after my month runs out!! Amazing cheat in my opinion and i hope i helped all of you out there !! Btw sorry if I have any grammar errors in here ❤️
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    So I'm going to be making the most detailed review on Zapped on here. I am covering every little thing on this cheat. Whole Menu: The menu itself looks super clean, and I think that it's fine how it is. The default color scheme looks really nice when put together, and matches the name of the cheat perfectly. When you first open up the cheat you can see your username and profile picture, and it opens the "Home" tab by default. Tab #1: Home When you first look at this tab, there's 2 sections. "User Stats", and "Chat Box". The Chat Box is pretty self explanatory. You can talk to other people using the cheat with this Chat Box, though I think it would be really cool to see this connect to the Web Chat Box. The "User Stats" section has a bunch of information. It shows; Your UID, the amount of users online right now, when the last update was released, how many users were online in the past 24 hours (with a graph back showing the last 8 hours), and even how many people were online yesterday at the time of checking. There's also a changelog in the cheat, with a button underneath that takes you to the update list on the website in your browser, which I find is pretty cool. Tab #2: Legit In this tab, you can configure all of your aimbot settings to your liking. It's pretty easy to configure, depending on how you like to cheat. You can setup these modules; Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, and MG's (Which is SMG's). Aim Settings: In the "Aim" settings, you can choose all the HitBoxes you would like the aimbot to target(Head, Neck, Chest, Waist, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet). You can choose which one to prioritize, or just prioritize whatever is closest. There's a "Scan Edges" feature, which I didn't understand at first, but I know how it works now. If you have it set to 0, then it'll target in the middle. The higher you set this bar, the closer the aimbot will allow you to reach the edges of the hitbox. The FOV settings are pretty simple. The higher you set it, the further they can be from your crosshair before the aimbot activates. There's also a "Distanced Based FOV" option which makes the FOV corresponds to how far the enemy is. Smoothness is also pretty self explanatory. There's "Smoothness Types". Static only moves at the speed you set Smoothness to. Accelerating moves faster as you get closer to the hitbox you're targeting. Decelerating moves slower as you get closer the the hitbox you're targeting. Higher smoothness makes the aimbot move slower towards the enemy. There's also a randomization so it can bypass some server-sided anticheats (I think). There's a silent aim section too. Silent aim makes it so you don't aim towards them client-side (other people will see you snapping at the enemies). This is good when you use low FOV with pistols or snipers. You can even disable the aim when you reach a certain speed (measured in units per second). Triggerbot Settings: Triggerbot works like this: When enabled, you hold down the bind you set, and when someone enters your crosshair, it shoots for you. You're able to set HitBoxes, so it only shoots when the hitbox(es) you set enters your crosshair. You're also able to set a priority to these HitBoxes the same as in the "Aim" settings. Scan edges also works the same way (it's probably a good idea to set this high in triggerbot). In the Delay setting, it works just how it sounds. It waits the set amount of time (measured in milliseconds). With the "Overshoot" setting, it'll wait even longer before shooting (making you miss sometimes to look legit I THINK). There's an AutoStop option, so it'll make you stop moving whenever your triggerbot activates. There's also a wallbang option, so your triggerbot will work behind walls. The most confusing parts I think about setting up triggerbot, is the Minimum Damage and Hitchance. Minimum damage is what the minimum damage you're able to inflict onto the person you're targeting before it shoots them. Hitchance is how it sounds. It's the percentage chance of hitting them. When setting both of those up, it'll only shoot them when both requirements are met. Triggerbot can also be disabled at local velocity, the same as the aim settings. Magnet Trigger, moves your aim towards the enemy when shooting. You can set this up the same way as the aim settings, with the FOV and smoothness settings. RCS settings: The RCS is pretty much a recoil control system. You can control the X and Y control of your spray. You can also change how many shots you fire before the RCS control kicks in. There's even a smoothness option for the RCS control. The Silent RCS option makes it so it doesn't move your mouse when controlling the RCS. Other settings: In this part, you can set up the little things like; Time Until Lock and Shots Until Lock. These two things are self explanatory. Time Until Lock is how much time it takes until the aimbot kicks in and aims towards the enemy. The Shots Until Lock is the same, except it waits until you shoot a certain amount of bullets. You can disable the aimbot when certain things happen in "Disable Triggers". This has: In Air, Flashed and Unscoped. Entity checks does the same thing when a certain event happens to your enemy, such as; In Air and Smoke (which disables when they're in the smoke). Retarget Delay is how long it takes until the aimbot targets another enemy (measured in milliseconds). You can also make the aimbot shoot at friendlies. If you enable "Wallbang", then the aimbot will target people through walls. Legit-AA is antiaim, but legit 😉. There's 3 options for this: Always, Enemies and Edging. "Always" is self explanatory. "Enemies" only enables Legit-AA when there's an enemy nearby. "Edging" enables Legit-AA when you're near a corner. The Max Ping setting makes your real angle move further away from your fake angle the higher you put it, but makes your ping look higher in tab (it isn't actually high). You can also move your Real angle with Left Manual and Right Manual binds. Backtrack will also fake high ping if you move it above 200ms. Here's how backtrack works: If you set it to 150ms, and you shoot where the enemy was 150ms or after, you will hit the enemy. The Legit bot gets a 10/10. It's super easy to use, and has everything you'll ever need. You can configure this cheat however you like, depending on your play style. Zapped.cc has the best legit bot I've ever used. Tab #3: Rage Everyone who's used Zapped can tell you one thing. The Ragebot really isn't that good. I don't use the Ragebot a lot, but I still know that it's not that good. If you're playing against legits, then it's fine, but if someone else is cheating on the other team, then there isn't really a point in trying. I don't know a lot about it, so I'm just gonna skip over this and give it a 4/10. Tab #4: Visuals To start off this MASSIVE section, there's 4 tabs in Visuals. These are: ESP, Models, Viewmodel and Local Player. ESP: The ESP tab already has so much in it. There's 3 parts in this. Enemies and Friendlies pretty much do the same thing, so I'll cover that first. Friendlies/Enemies: You can choose to see so much, like; Name, a box around the player (they even have customizable corner sizes), health (with either a normal bar or Sliced bar), skeleton, ammo bar, distance, the weapon they're using, aim points (shows toggled hitboxes in Aim Settings), d-lights and step rings. You can also choose where to see all of these things in the "Settings". There's a preview of your visuals, so you don't need to keep opening and closing to cheat to see what you like. You can choose to render with Render Checks. Render Checks has 2 options, Audible, and Visible. These are self explanatory. Force on Radar also has these options. You can even see bullet tracers (zapped effect hits p). There's out of FOV arrow, which you can change the distance, and size of. Models: Like Friendly/Enemies in ESP, it's the same for Models. There is so much stuff that you can do just for the material, so here's a list: Model, textured, flat, plastic, clown (me), moving reflective, ghost, overflow, LSD, vapor, chandelier, paint splatter and spin art. There's an option to Render When Hidden, and Render When Ragdoll. It's really cool that you can also change the color of the reflectivity. You can even remove the model/ragdoll altogether if that's what you'd like. In world, it do be having stuff like C4, defuser, grenade and weapon glow. Viewmodel: In viewmodel, the first think you'll see is Removals, where you can remove your hand, sleeves, or weapons. You can remove visual recoil, use freecam, enable 3rd person (with customizable FOV), and even change your aspect ratio. Here's a list of things you can change with the viewmodel: Debug FOV, viewmodel FOV, push, horizontal position, vertical position, weapon sway, tilt and roll (the last two I haven't seen in any other cheat so that's pretty cool). Local Player: In the crosshairs section, there's some extra option you can enable and customize in the "Varients", such as: aim level, FOV circle, recoil, spread and wallbang. All of these can be pretty useful, and I use them quite a bit myself. With the "Force crosshair with snipers" check, you can see your crosshair with snipers (just how it sounds). You can also enable the "Scope Spread" option or even remove the scope completely. There's even an option to change the scope color. In the "Effects" tab in Local Player, there's not a lot. You can enable bullet tracers, walk trail, grenade prediction, or even have a flashlight (which is another first for me). "Other" tab: There's 2 slides here. Rendering and World. Rendering is all the basic stuff. The best thing here is the "Hide ESP" option, which hides your visuals from your screenshots or OBS, which is good if you're trying to act legit while recording/streaming. You can enable a velocity graph, spectator list, event logger (which logs purchases, damage dealt, damage taken and shots missed), side info (which has bomb info, choke info, desync, FPS, your manual aa, ping and velocity), info bar (which shows you your kills, assists, deaths, total shots, headshots, bodyshots, current time, fps, ping, speed, tickrate, uid and even how many people are online) and shared ESP. In the "World" slide, you can enable fullbright, change Bloom and Nightmode, ambient color, prop color, skybox color and skybox color. You can change the skybox to whatever you like, or enable world ESP to show you what you wanna see, which is good for danger zone as it shows you things like: ammo boxes, C4, defuser, dropped weapons, grenades, hostages, look crates, radar jammer and weapon upgrades. The Visuals get a 10/10. It's so customizable, that you can make your visuals look exactly the way you want them too. There's so many options that haven't been seen in any other cheats too. Tab #5: Skins The skin changer is pretty well made, and the new update is gonna make it even better with an inventory changer added into it. There isn't really much to talk about when we're talking about the skin changer. It's pretty simple and easy to use. There's search bars so you can search for the exact skin that you're looking for, you can change the wear, turn on stattrak (with a live stattrak option too), change the name of the skin you want, even change the see to exactly what you want. There's also a model changer, which can be confusing at first, but when you get used to using it, it's really easy. The Skin Changer gets a 8-9/10. The model changer that's in it is kind of complicated, so it would be really cool to see something added to the cheat to make it seem easier to use. The Skin Changer part, works perfectly, and it'll work even better after the update. Tab #6: Misc The "Misc" tab, is one of my favorite tabs, since there's a lot here that can make your gameplay more fun and enjoyable, since it has a lot of features that could be used for trolling or moving around the maps a lot easier. Gameplay: I'll only be talking about the "Movement" side of this, since the "Audio" side it pretty much self explanatory. First thing you'll notice is that there's an Auto Bhop option with a "Success Rate" slider. You probably know what it does. The lower the slider, the less chance you have of hitting your bhop, which is good for when you're trying to legit cheat. There's also Auto Strafe, and Edge Jump. Auto Strafe has 3 options. Legit, Multi Direction and WASD. Edge jump only has 2. Normal and Crouch Jump. There's an option to even use Air Duck, if you're trying to get those extra pixels in a jump. You can use slow walk too, and change the speed of how slow you'd like to talk. If you wanna be that guy, then you can enable slide walk, and anti trigger. Auto Defuse and Auto Pistol can be pretty useful at times too. I don't really use Quick Stop and Quick Duck, but it's nice to have at certain times. The best things about this cheat, in my opinion, is the trolling features: Player Hover, Block Bot, and Door Spam. I love using whenever I grief or throw my matches, and the reactions are pretty funny too. Jump Scout and Auto Peek are a thing, but I've never used them. Fun: There's 2 parts to this. Extra and Name/Chat. The same thing about "Audio" in the Gameplay section, I'll only be talking about the things in "Extra". Reveal ranks does exactly what it sounds like. It reveals everyone's ranks in Competitive and Wingman. Same thing about Always Show Headshots and preserve killfeed. Ragdoll intensity changes how far the ragdoll will travel when you kill your enemy. There's 5 options for the Hitmarker option, and you can enable all of them at the same time (Two dimensional, three dimensional, damage, screen pulse and word display). There's also a bunch of hitsounds you can use (bell, bubble, cod, coil, metal. tap, zapped, and custom sounds). There's Auto Accept, and an option to view your knife in your left hand. There's also some convar bypasses if you wanna use wanna use em. Oh yeah, and there's an Unjam Radar option too. Tab #7: Settings The settings tab is where you'll want to go to customize everything about your menu and configs. Configs: This is the most important part about the cheat. You can save, load, and customize the name of your configs here. The best part about this, is that there's a config browser built into the cheat, so you can find the perfect config without having to do anything yourself. Font Changer: This is exactly how it sounds. You can change the font that the cheat uses to whatever you want. You can enable/disable the drop shadow, and change the size of the font. Appearance: This is where the cool stuff happens. You can change pretty much any color of the cheat here. You can change the main color, background tint color, accent color, title bar colors, control color, and underglow color. There's bars that you can change: underglow pulse range, underglow pulse speed, menu fade speed and side bar speed. you can even use an image as your custom background. Menu: This is pretty basic. You can change the menu bind here, show the player list (which also shows who else is using zapped on the enemy team), or enable the menu sound. There's also a way to change the speed of the rainbow. The Search feature is pretty cool too. If you can't find something in the cheat, just use the search option and you'll find it (if it's in the cheat). Settings gets a 9/10 from me. It brings everything together and there's so much customization. The entire cheat gets a 8-9/10 from me. I know in my last review, the ratings were lower, but I've been using the cheat a lot more since then and I understand everything a lot more now. If they made the rage bot way better than it would definitely be a 10/10. Everything about this cheat (besides the rage bot) is super good. I doubt that you read this entire behemoth of a review, but thanks for at least coming to the end. this entire review was 2,824 words and 15,846 characters (not including this), so it would be nice if you could give me some feedback on this, thanks 😄
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    If you're going to leave a review, please write more. Thanks!
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    NOT YET UPDATED FOR V3 ⊹ Legit Tab • Aimbot Hitboxes Priority Scan Edges FOV Distance Based FOV Smoothness Type Smoothness Value Smoothness Randomization Silent Aim Silent FOV Disable on Player Disable at Local Velocity • Triggerbot Hitboxes Priority Scan Edges Delay Overshoot Autostop Wallbang Minimum Damage Hitchance Disable at Local Velocity Magnet Triggerbot FOV Smoothness Type Smoothness Value • RCS Silent RCS Spray Requirement X Axis Pull Y Axis Pull Smoothness Smoothness Randomization • Other Aimbot (Enable Button/Toggle Key) Time until Lock Shots until Lock Disable Triggers Entity Checks Retarget Delay Friendly Fire Wallbang Legit AA Legit AA Max Ping Legit AA Left Manual Legit AA Right manual Backtracking ⊹ Visuals Tab • ESP Preview (Once You Go to Visuals Tab, Esp Preview Will Pop up Top Right Corner. "Only Shows for ESP") • ESP Enemy Name Box Box Fill Box Corner Length Health Bar (Off/Normal/Sliced) Skeleton Ammo Bar Distance Weapon Aim Points D-light Step Rings Flags Rendering Checks Force on Radar Bullet Tracers out of View Arrows Arrow Distance Arrow Size on Hit History Ticks History Ticks Selection • ESP Friendly Name Box Box Fill Box Corner Length Health Bar (Off/Normal/Sliced) Skeleton Ammo Bar Distance Weapon Aim Points D-Light Step Rings Flags Rendering Checks • ESP Settings (Customizing Health Bar, Weapon, Flags, Ammo Bar Position) • Model Enemy Chams Render When Hidden Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Remove Ragdoll • Model Friendly Chams Render When Hidden Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Remove Ragdoll • Model local Chams Render When Ragdoll Reflectivity Glow Remove Model Ragdoll Chams Ragdoll Reflectivity Remove Ragdoll Vizualize Fakelag Chams Vizualize Fakelag Triggers Draw Fake Chams Hands Chams Weapon Chams • World C4 Glow Defuser Glow Grenade Glow Weapon Glow • Viewmodel Removals No Visual Recoil Ignore Zoom Zoom Key Free Cam Free Cam Collision Third Person FOV Third Person Toggle Key Force Thirdperson when Spectating Aspect Ratio Viewmodel FOV Viewmodel Push Viewmodel Horizontal Viewmodel Vertical Viewmodel Tilt Viewmodel Roll Weapon Sway Debug FOV • Local player Crosshair Varients Force Crosshair With Snipers Scope Spread No Scope Scope Color FOV Color Spread Color Visualize Zeus Range • Local Player Effects Bullet Tracers Walk Trail Grenade Prediction Flashlight • Rendering ESP Hide ESP (Obs Proof, Screenshots) Fade Speed Spectator List Velocity Graph Event Logger Event Color Side Info Info Bar Shared ESP Update Rate Limit Hide activity • World Modulation Night Mode Amount Ambient Props Skybox World Skybox Changer World Esp Grenades Weapons No Flash No Fog No Smoke ⊹ Misc tab • Gameplay Movement Auto Bhop Succes Rate Auto Strafe Edge Jump Air Duck Slow Walk Slow Walk Speed Slide Walk Anti Trigger Auto Defuse Auto Pistol Auto Pistol Delay Quick Stop Quick Duck Player Hover Block Bot Door Spam Jump Scout Auto Peek Auto Peek Return • Gameplay Audio Ambient Volume Chat Volume Revolver Volume Wind Volume • Fun Extra Reveal Ranks Always Show Headshot Preserve Killfeed Ragdoll Intensity Hitmarker Hitsound Hitsound Volume Knife in left Auto Accept Convar Bypasses Unjam Radar • Fun Name/Chat Clantag Changer Chat Spam Player Info Spam Kill Alerts • Other Shot Helper Name Location D-Light Render Distance Shot Assist Known Shots • Other Movement Recorder Name Recording Start Key Recording Stop Key Render Color Render Trail Location D-Light Render Distance Playback Start Key Playback Stop Key Allow User Angle Change Recordings • Other Buy Bot Primary Secondary Extras Eco Buy Force Buy Eco Money Primary Alt Secondary Alt • LUAs ⊹ Skin Changer Tab • New Weapons Skins Stattrak Live Stattrak Seed Wear Name Add Button • Added (Shows All Added Skins/Models, AK Redline as an Example) Replaced Weapons • Model Changer Replacement ⊹ Settings Tab • Configs • Font changer • Appearance Main Background Tint Accent Color Title Bar Color Controls Underglow Underglow Pulse Range Underglow Pulse Speed Menu Fade Speed Side Bar Activation Side Bar Speed Custom Background Reset Size Button (Resets the Size of the Menu Back to Default) • Settings Menu Toggle Key Dev Console Player List Menu Sound Volume Health Base Rainbow Speed • Search • Config Browser (Allows You to Download Configs Within the Cheat Without Going on Forum/Discord to Find Configs) ⊹ Home tab • User stats • Chat box • Update log ⊹ Rage tab • Aimbot Settings Hitboxes Hitboxes Histroy Multipoint Silent Aim Minimum Damage Override Key Minimum Damage Override Autowall Minimum Damage Visible Minimum Damage Hitchance Head Pointscale Body Pointscale Head Safe Point Ignore Limbs Speed • Anti Aim Settings Base Angle Desync Fake Back Pitch Spin Spin Range Spin Speed Jitter Jitter Range • Extras Enable Button Targetting Target Limit On Target Smart Autoscope Body Aim Body Aim Key Auto Attack Fake Lag Fake Lag Method Triggers Left Manual Right Manual Back Manual Desync Flip Resolve Anti-aim Override Menu Is Resizeble as You Can See in Some of the Pictures