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Here at Zapped.cc, we offer a free and paid CSGO cheat that will help you destroy the competition without leaving a hole in your wallet!


We provide aim assistance that can be adjusted to fit your play-style. This includes aimbot, triggerbot, recoil control, and many more legit features that will help you stay under the radar.

Wall Hack

We strive to provide with you high-end visuals that will not only give you an edge against other players, but provide you with customization that will improve your performance.

Inventory Changer

We offer an inventory changer that will give you the opportunity to apply full customization to your inventory. This includes knife changer, skin changer, glove changer, and much more.

Support 24/7

Making our customers happy is what we aim for here at Zapped. To ensure we are providing quick support whenever it may be needed, we have a 24/7 team to address any issues that arise.

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Destroy the Competition with Zapped.cc

Here at Zapped.cc, we provide you with undetected legit cheats (free and paid) that will give you an edge against your opponents.

Our CSGO Cheat is packed with legit features that can be used while keeping you safe from VAC. Every feature is easy to find, as we have a menu that can be easily navigated. An outstanding legitbot, stunning visuals, rage features, inventory changer, 24/7 support and much more are all included when you purchase Zapped.cc. Constant updates keep Zapped.cc safe and undetected. Sign up to view more that we offer.

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Why People Choose Us

Zapped.cc can be used as your multi-purpose CSGO Cheat. Free Wallhack, Aimbot,

Triggerbot, Inventory Changer, Skin/Model Changer, and much more

At affordable prices.

  • We want to keep you safe! We have implemented security measures that have kept Zapped undetected since release.
  • Zapped is constantly being updated, providing you with new features that will improve your experience.
  • Zapped is very user friendly, it's very easy for new cheaters to make a configuration that fits their play-style.
  • We understand the importance of providing our users with a positive experience. We offer 24/7 support, you will always receive a quick response from our staff.